Windows 11 startup problem after changing keyboard

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Rang : Nouveau

Hello everyone,

I recently changed the keyboard of my DELL inspiron 5770 laptop (which had been under win11 for some time).
When restarting, impossible to restart windows 11; Blue screen, automatic repair without success.
I eventually had to reinstall win11 and apps to get it working again.
Fortunately I had taken the precaution of making system and data backups (with Acronis), but restoring the system did not change the problem.
I knew that the Windows license was related to the motherboard, but it seems that the keyboard is also taken into account to validate the key.
On the other hand, after reinstalling the system, the validation of win 11 which was done automatically (without key).
My question is the following: Is there a procedure to restart windows in a similar case, without having to reinstall everything?

Thank you for your answers which can help me for a next repair…

Jef Homborch

Rang : Professional

When Windows refuses to start, I don’t know of any other solution than to reinstall it. However, to prevent such an incident from causing the data to be lost, it is a good idea to install them on a separate partition (D: for example if Windows is on C:).