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With the statistics against when he loses in the Liguilla first leg

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America going for the feat. Throughout the history of the League from the Short Tournaments to the Eagles have not done well at all in the Liguilla series in which they lose in the Ida game. Of the 28 times that the azulcrema team has stumbled in the first match, they have only been able to get up 7 times, while 21 times they were confirmed to be eliminated in the Vuelta game.

Santiago Solari will have to row against history and make his players react this Sunday in the Aztec stadium to try to reverse the negative marker they got in Pachuca if they want to stay alive in the tournament.

This is the fourth time that the Bella Airosa team has been ahead of the America in the Ida clash, and will seek to maintain its positive streak, considering that in none of the previous three those from Coapa managed to turn them around.

The most recent was in the Quarter finals the Closing 2015 where the Tuzos they hit first by a score of 3-2 and beat them again for the Vuelta by a score of 3-4 at Azteca.

Before that record appears the Final that America lost with Pachuca curiously with Guillermo Ochoa living their first stage as Azulcrema, in the Ida those from Hidalgo took advantage 1-2 in the Coloso de Santa Úrsula to return home and draw 1-1 to stay with the championship.

The first time was in Summer 2001, the Tuzos took advantage of two goals, the same that they have on this occasion and in the Vuelta they got a tie to one goal in Mexico City to eliminate the Eagles and get their ticket in the great End where in the end Santos he got the title.

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