Woman sentenced for repeated crimes of fraud through Facebook sales

May 25, 2023 – 18:38

A 27-year-old woman was sentenced for repeated crimes of fraud by the Justice of Cologne after robbed 25 people from seven departments through fictitious sales using the social network Facebook to contact their victims.

The Departmental Investigations Directorate established that the fraudster, through the social network Facebook, “after promising to sell different merchandise that he did not deliver later, he seized the money that was sent to him by its occasional buyers. Then contacts and communication were blocked, never receiving the negotiated item,” according to the Cologne Police Headquarters.

This woman identified with the initials MACP defrauded people from Maldonado, Durazno, Tacuarembó, Treinta y Tres, Canelones, Rocha and Colonia.

The woman, who was required by the Justice of Colonia, lacking a criminal record, was arrested in Montevideo.

Transferred to Cologne, she was referred to the Legal Court where she was sentenced as author criminally responsible for repeated crimes of fraud to the penalty of 17 months in prisonThat replaced by regime of freedom on trialadded the Headquarters.

2023-05-25 22:10:12

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