Woman who asks for euthanasia for her illnesses says it is her “only way out”

Osteoarthritis, venous deficiency, renal deficiency, vascular deficiency, heart deficiency, morbid obesity, pressure ulcers, diabetes, among other pathologies, keep her prostrate in a chair and in search of an authorization from her EPS to apply an assisted dying procedure to Fabiola Ines Betancourt Hinestroza70 years old, a native of Medellín, but a resident of the Caribbean for 30 years.

The woman assured that she arrived at the Atlantic visiting and stayed after discovering the culture of Barranquilla’s Carnival.

In a humble house of few square meters in the Villa Sol neighborhood, Soledad municipalityFabiola remains seated next to her walker with immense sadness on her face due to the deplorable health situation she faces daily and not having a family to take care of her.

The discouraging picture of conditions of Betancourt Hinestroza when suffering 6 diseasesof those 3 terminals and the lack of help from the health authorities of this region have led her to ask her EPS Mutualser to euthanize her because her state of health is “getting worse”.

“More than a year ago I made the decision and I come requesting euthanasia because I am very bad. I have been looking for help for a year, but nothing has happened,” the woman told EL HERALDO, in tears.

Fabiola Inés related that in the course of these years she has been “alone”, the only person who has taken pity on her has been Luz Marina González, a former co-worker of the Bolivar Walk who offered to give him lodging due to his severe condition and who has also become his caregiver.