Wondrak retires: Janosch ends column in «Zeit-Magazin»


He had a smart answer for almost every situation. Now the illustrator, children's book author and writer Janosch puts an end to his weekly column in «Zeit-Magazin». There he answered with his mustachioed dungarees hero Wondrak since 2013, the questions of the readers.

"Mr. Janosch, how do you say bye," headlined the magazine on Thursday. The answer followed on the next page: "You turn around with a tear in your eye and say: I'll go."

The 88-year-old Janosch wants to have more time in the future and dedicated to his private artistic work, so he sent Wondrak retired, it says in the magazine. A total of 300 appearances have the dressed with dungarees and slippers Wondrak since 2013 in the magazine or on Facebook had.

Among the many questions Wondrak answered was one in reference to Janosch's famous children's book: "Mr. Janosch, what would have happened if Tiger and Bear had had smartphones? They simply googled Panama and would otherwise have remained seated at the table. "Janosch himself may be more concerned with this answer to the question of how to get motivated to work:" Wondrak is using the power of fate to help. He rolls the dice. If there is one, he does not have to start working. Sometimes it takes hours to roll a one. »

His successor, according to "Zeit", is 35-year-old illustrator Nadine Redlich. So far, she has been writing for the "Zeit-Magazin" section "The Big Questions of Love", and now the 35-year-old is receiving a weekly column entitled "Almost Overheard". Here, according to «Zeit», she draws small, true scenes that she picked up on the way: at the supermarket, on the train or at the Ikea branch in Kaarst.


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