Working time, reform of the second cycle, attractiveness of careers: what Véran announced to the carabins

Live from the social networks of Et ça se dit doctor, Olivier Véran was questioned on several subjects that are in the news of carabins and paramedical students. Respect for working time, obligation of the third dose of Covid, midwifery strike, ongoing reforms … Stay reviews the minister’s main announcements

For the first time, the Minister of Health took part in the question-and-answer game live on social networks this Wednesday, October 27, interviewed by the now young graduate doctor and influencer. “I received 21,869 questions at the announcement of this live, Mr. Minister”, the young general practitioner started right away. “We may not take everything but we will do our best”, Olivier Véran replied jokingly. Agreeing to answer all subjects without concessions, the minister took stock of the subjects that most worry rifles and paramedical students.

The inflation compensation of 100 euros, announced by the Government

While Emmanuel Macron announced an inflation compensation of 100 euros as “Boost” to cope with the rise in prices, which particularly affects the fuel and energy sector very strongly, many students worried that they would not be able to benefit from them. “It’s for the entire hospital public service, as long as we earn less than 2,000 euros, net”, nevertheless confirmed Olivier Véran. “So the interns, the externs, the nursing students?” relaunched it And it says doctor. “Logically, yes”, replied the Minister.

Third dose of Covid vaccine

Faced with the slight recovery observed in the epidemic, the Minister was also interviewed on the obligation of the third dose of Covid vaccine for caregivers. “I strongly encourage them to do it”, replied Olivier Véran, who himself carried out his third dose yesterday, at the same time as the flu vaccine. “There are no plans to make it compulsory”, he continued.

Midwifery strike

Last week, midwives went on strike to protest against their working and working conditions. “Midwives feel abandoned”, called out to him and that calls himself a doctor. “Midwives, I’ve been interested in their condition for years”, recalled Olivier Véran. “And as a deputy, I proposed a lot of amendments to extend their skills and better recognize them, in town and in hospital”, continued the minister. He also recalled that within the framework of the Ségur de la santé, a revaluation of 183 euros net had been recorded in the hospital and affirmed to frequently receive the seven representative unions to modify their conditions of exercise, regretting nevertheless that all do not fail to agree among themselves.

Asked whether it would be possible to establish a sixth year of studies in maieutics, Olivier Véran explained that he had approached the General Inspectorate of Higher Education and Health in order to see to what extent this could be put in place. A further increase of 500 euros per month is also being negotiated with the unions. Finally, the midwives claiming to reaffirm their medical function, the minister announced that he had sent a circular to all hospitals so that they are managed by the direction of medical affairs and no longer care. . However, they cannot be recognized in the same way as hospital practitioners.

Reform of the second cycle of medical studies

Much decried by the rifles, the reform of the second cycle of medical studies was the subject of many questions. “How do we deal with these students who do not know where they are going and what sauce they are going to be eaten?” asked …