Xisca Tous resigns to compete for Spain and will fight Paris 2024 with Turkey

Today I want to announce something that changed all my plans in my sports career“. This is how the Instagram post begins in which just a few minutes ago Xisca Tous has just made official what is probably the most important decision of his career as a triathlete.

Although it was not in the public domain, the news had been circulating for some time in some triathlon circles in our country. Today we can already say that Xisca Tous will opt for Paris 2024 running with the Turkish Triathlon Team.

This year has been full of changes.“, explains the Balearic triathlete. Among them, his arrival to the group of the University of Alicantecommanded by Roberto Cejuela and where he now shares day by day with triathletes like David Cantero o Roberto Sanchez Mantecon.

Xisca Tous
Photo: Xisca Tous

But, without a doubt, the big change is the one announced by the Spanish triathlon champion today: “I am going to do this new Olympic cycle under the Turkish Triathlon Federation“, he points out.

Tous has briefly explained the reasons for a decision that other Spanish triathletes had already made on other occasions. “I was presented with an opportunity that I have been searching for a lifetime dedicated to sport and that I think could not be missed“, he argues. “Sometimes the train passes once and this one I had to get on.”

Xisca Tous debuted with the Spanish National Team in the World Series in 2020, at the World Championship in Hamburg. In this 2022 the triathlete has competed twice internationally with the Spanish National Team, in the Villarrica and Viña del Mar America Cups, where she has settled her participation with two fourth places. Following this decision she can be expected to replace the Triarmada red with the Turkish red.

Tous has said goodbye thanking the Spanish Triathlon Federation “make things easier” and, above all, to the Turkish Federation “for trusting me and giving me this opportunity“.

“So we continue working for this new cycle, where we are going to give our best to see how far we can go. Thank you very much to everyone who is, in good times and in bad
See you at the triathlons,” he concludes.

Other cases of triathletes who sought the Olympic dream with other federations

The most remembered is probably the case of Omar Tayara, founder in 2010 of Taymory. The Spanish triathlete, Aquathlon world champion obtained Syrian nationality in 2006 and was selected by the country to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, where he was 49th.

omar tayaraomar tayara
Foto: Taymory Press

Other names, such as the UA triathlete Jesus Gomar with Georgia o Alberto Casillasbrother of Miriam Casillas, with Lithuania, tried years later without success.