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"Yellow Vests": what will Act V look like on Saturday?

The movement of "yellow vests" is at a pivotal moment in its young history. After a month of mobilizations, which have hardened over the weeks, the protesters were heard by Emmanuel Macron. Faced with 23 million French on Monday night, the President of the Republic detailed various measures for purchasing power, supposed to bring calm in society.

But if the Head of State has been listened to, it is difficult to measure how much he has convinced. In an OpinionWay poll for LCI published Tuesday, 54% of French respondents were pronounced for the cessation of the movement. Some figures of "yellow vests" calling on their side to a "truce", highlighting the door opened by the executive.

The security context has also changed. After the Strasbourg attack on Tuesday night, the Vigipirate plan was raised to the level of "Enhanced Security Risk of Attack" throughout the country. Benjamin Griveaux, spokesman for the government, said Thursday that it would be "not reasonable" to continue the movement in this climate. Same story for the boss of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, who considered "in a good way" not to mobilize this weekend, "not to overload the boat police. "

New call for mobilization

An appeal that may remain a dead letter to some of the protesters, who was not convinced by the announcements of the president. On social networks where the movement has taken shape, "Act V" is already a tangible reality. In Paris as in the provinces, the Facebook pages that aggregate the most "yellow vests" all call for mobilization.

A new day to which some of the unions could join. Some CGT, which have filed a strike notice on Friday, want to converge Saturday with the "yellow vests". This is particularly the case of the General Committee of the CGT Paris, or the CGT Health, social action. The mobilization of high school students, which has been increasing for several days, could also increase the rank of the demonstrators.

Security device

Some cities are already preparing for possible excesses, as in Toulouse, where two armored gendarmerie were made available to local authorities to avoid the many degradations noted last week.

On RTL Friday morning, the police chief of Paris indicates that the security device will be "similar to that of last week": 8,000 police and gendarmes should still be involved in the capital.

A mobilization of the forces of the order which is not without consequence. After a series of postponements last week, at least four Ligue 1 games have again been postponed by the professional football league, unable to ensure the safety of sports events.

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