Zelensky said one of the most difficult battles is taking place in Donbas

“I would like to especially note today for the courage, strength and inflexibility of the soldiers who are fighting in the Donbass. One of the most difficult battles. Painful and difficult,” the head of state stressed.

He thanked the 93rd separate Kholodny Yar brigade, the 77th separate airmobile brigade, the 56th separate brigade, and the 5th separate assault regiment. As well as the National Guardsmen, border guards, the 3rd operational brigade of the National Guard. Donetsk, Lugansk, Kramatorsk border detachments and combined detachments “Dozor”, “Volyn”, “Chernihiv”.

“I thank all the army, guards, border guards who protect our state in the Bakhmut, Ugledar, Avdeevsky, Seversky, Svatovsky, Limansky and Zaporozhye directions,” the president added.