Zigmars Liepiņš talks about his battle with cancer

Composer Zigmars Liepiņš in his book “Mūzaīka” also touches on very private moments of his life – his health, as stated in the material of Evija Kalnbērzas “Give brushes to many in his book” in the publication “Privatā Dzīve”.

Liepiņš remembers that after the sale of radio SWH, he led a life for several years that one can only dream of during covid – there was absolute freedom, he traveled, wrote music.

“But when you start to feel that way, the Great Decider sends one test after another. First, strange vision problems started (..) I got to a complicated operation that was performed in London. And a year later, during a routine examination, carcinoma was discovered in the kidney. Vernacular – cancer,” said Liepiņš.

It was in 2013 and Liepiņas immediately underwent an operation, a kidney was removed.

He did not allow himself to fall into self-pity and after five months signed a contract to work at the National Opera.

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