Bermeo will set up a safe parking for bicycles in the Udal Azoka – Communication

With the double objective of offering Bermeo residents a safe place to park their bicycles and promoting sustainable mobility, the Bermeo City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have signed an agreement to condition and equip a secure bicycle parking area in the Udal azoka.

This same morning, the mayor of Bermeo, Aritz Abaroaand the regional director of Sustainable Mobility, Angel Anero, have signed this agreement whereby the foral entity will allocate 60,000 euros for Bermeo to become part of the BiziPark network; a service that the Provincial Council is promoting in different municipalities with the aim of promoting local sustainable mobility through the use of bicycles.

“The bicycle is one of the means of transport that has experienced the most boom in recent years, despite this, the conditioned spaces that offer protection against the weather, security against theft or comfort, are scarce, which leads to the fact that Many people leave this means of transport aside.That is why, from the City Council, we give up this space of the Udal Azoka so that the people of Bermeo have a safe place to store their bicycles, thus providing them with greater comfort and tranquility. A new step to continue advancing in mobility, the BiziPark is a very practical initiative that offers cyclists a place to leave their bicycles, since not everyone has space at home to store their bicycles”, stated the mayor Aritz Abaroa.

This is a project that has been carried out thanks, once again, to inter-institutional collaboration, in this case, between the Bermeo City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. In this sense, the mayor of the municipality has wanted to value once again “the importance that the work between institutions has when it comes to materializing this type of project, projects that benefit both Bermeo and the Bermeotarras. This is a example more of what is on the way”. As part of the agreement, therefore, the Provincial Council will invest 60,000 euros to condition and equip the Udal Azoka car park and the City Council, for its part, in addition to ceding said space, will be in charge of executing the project.

“Experience shows us that a good way to advance in the objective of promoting active mobility is by directly supporting local entities in the construction of this type of equipment that favors the use of bicycles and facilitates intermodality with other modes of transport. to the detriment of the private vehicle”, pointed out, for his part, the director of Sustainable Mobility.

The facilities, located in the Udal Azoka, will have room for at least 35 bicycles and will have an access control system that will guarantee that only users enter the premises. In addition, at least eight fireproof security lockers with individual electrical outlets, permanent lighting and a surveillance system using cameras connected to the Local Police security service will be installed.

The car park will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and vouchers will be offered for different periods: 1 month (4 euros), 3 months (10 euros), 6 months (20 euros) and 1 year (40 euros).

Each user may use a single space and will have at their disposal a total of 8 timed safes, equipped with a security lock and an electrical connection for battery charging, as well as lockers that may be used for a maximum period of 12 continuous hours. Likewise, a free-use BiziPoint will be set up outside the BiziPark, equipped with a tool for small repairs, and an inflation kit integrated into the column itself. It is worth mentioning that it will be prohibited to store any other object that is not the bicycle itself with the cycling accessories that the bicycle has installed (lights, child transport seat, panniers, etc.).

360,000 euros for six secure parking lots in Bizkaia

This initiative is part of the plan launched by the Provincial Department of Transport and Sustainable Mobility to extend a network of safe parking spaces for bicycles throughout the territory that facilitate the use of bicycles in Bizkaia as a complementary mode of public transport for citizens, either on its own, or in combination with other modes, such as Bizkaibus or EuskoTren. And for this, it has allocated a total of 360,000 euros, reaching agreements with six Vizcaya town halls for the installation of as many parking lots.

In addition to Bermeo, the rest of the consistories that have joined this initiative are Barakaldo, Güeñes, Derio, Abadiño and Zalla.

Together with the one inaugurated in Ermua last July, this means that the regional network of secure car parks will have 7 BiziParks in operation by the end of 2023.