Chapter 4 of Survivor, the island of celebrities January 28

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The time has come to buy the precious food by the Espartos tribe, the person in charge is Federico Rivera who takes his coins to the store. And, although they went for the plastic, unfortunately he is not enough with what he carries.

That is why Tatán sells lentils to the participant for 8 coins, so he is only left with two, at the same time he tempts him by offering him a dessert to eat immediately for a coin, but the paisa denies that possibility because for him the team is first.

Meanwhile, the Amazons are in good spirits, although after the test Margarita feels a bit off, although she knows that she is the one who cheers on her team.

On the side of the Koi tribe, they are taking care of the few survival elements they have, but they are getting stressed since Tania apparently left the chicken badly tied up and they cannot find it.

The night is always an ordeal for many of the shipwrecked on this island, the mosquitoes and mosquitoes have made their own despite implementing smoke techniques and other tools.

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Leo the cook continues to carry the survival of his tribe on his back, but he notices Tania’s disinterest, who apparently does not want to lift a finger in terms of the group’s work, for her part, all the Amazons distribute tasks to make their stay in the I play something not so terrible.

The Espartos managed to eat their lentils and look for the chicken, who appeared and melted back into the undergrowth.

It’s time to compete in the first immunity test, Tatán inquires how the spirits are in the tribes and then proceeds to explain the game that will allow two tribes to save themselves and one to reach the tribal council and eliminate its first player. This test will show all the skills and in the end the winning tribe will bring food rations necessary to survive.

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