The presence of tourists and second residents on the Coast, in this weekend of Pentecost, has passed without big problems, despite the fine weather, spring it a survey probe with several mayors and police zones.

In normal times, a long weekend of Pentecost, with a radiant sun, is synonymous of high traffic to the coast. This year, the coronavirus and the measures taken to cope with have somewhat changed the situation, even if much of the world was expected this weekend, as the sun is particularly generous. Overall, things went well.

In Ostend, a popular destination for day tourists, it has remained relatively calm, according to police. A Blankenberge to another destination-a lighthouse of tourists a day, we could not speak of a great crowd. “There are certainly more people than the previous weeks but we can’t talk about a mad world. People respect the rules and we have at no time had to close down the city centre”, explains the commissioner Philip Denoyette. Has The Failure, many French tourists have obviously crossed the border. They have also complied with the rules, according to the mayor Bram Degrieck.

A Knokke, the police found no increased interventions or the number of fines imposed. Here, too, most people adhered to the rules of social distancing. Finally, to Bredene, the crowd was relatively large. “This is not easy for my services to keep everything under control but it is a very good preparation for the summer. We will evaluate it after this weekend and will make the necessary adjustments”says the mayor, Steve Vandenberghe.


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