here are the 10 best cities to settle in

These several months of confinement highlighted the virtues of the campaign and heightened awareness. Looking fora better living environment, more comfort and green spaces, Parisians flee the capital and migrate to more pleasant lands. But if some have already taken the plunge, others are still looking for the ideal city in which to settle. To help you make your choice, the real estate loan broker Meilleurtaux and the job search site Meteojob have carried out a study entitled “Jobs and housing: the cities to settle in”.

Small and medium-sized towns are attracting more and more

Published on Tuesday, November 17, the study analyzed the relationship between the number of open-ended employment offers, the number of inhabitants and real estate purchasing power for each city. “Medium-sized cities have clearly been doing their job since the 1st deconfinement to the detriment of very large cities offering small areas for high budgets », Explains Maël Bernier, spokesperson for MeilleurTaux in Planet. « This ranking shows that large metropolises such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, do not offer the best compromise in terms of employment and housing. While small and medium-sized towns offer better opportunities for both criteria », Adds Marko Vujasinovic, president of CleverConner to Planet.

Mulhouse, the “ideal city”

In the top 10 we find in first position Mulhouse with a CDI rate of 0.84 per 100 inhabitants and a price per m2 of € 1,845. Aix-en-Provence is positioned in second place with a rate of 1.35% of CDI per 100 inhabitants and a price of € 4,145 per m2, followed by Lille in third position (1.01% CDI per 100 inhabitants and € 3,505 per m2). Following the classification, we find:
4. Rouen (0.45% CDI per 100 inhabitants and € 2,570 per m2)
5. Saint-Etienne (0.38% permanent contract for 100 inhabitants and € 1,480 per m2)
6.Orélans (0.66% permanent contract for 100 inhabitants and € 2,620 per m2)
7.Metz (0.69% CDI per 100 inhabitants and € 2,392 per m2)
8. Grenoble (0.67% CDI per 100 inhabitants and € 2,823 per m2)
9. Dijon (0.54% permanent contract for 100 inhabitants and € 2,688 per m2)
10. Strasbourg (0.75% permanent contract for 100 inhabitants and 3660 € per m2)

The city with the highest rate of CDI per 100 inhabitants is therefore Aix-en-Provence with 1.35% against Saint-Etienne which obtains only 0.38%. On the other hand, it is Saint-Etienne which has the lowest price per m2 with only € 1,480 against Aix-en-Provence and its € 4,145 per m2. So, are you ready to change your life?


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