Index – In the meantime – Haven’t you seen a pigeon branch yet? You are not alone, but here is the answer to the mystery

Now you can watch a baby pigeon paint!

It’s time to face the fact: there are probably many more people who have never seen a pigeon shoot in their life than who have. No, it has nothing to do with the famous theory that all birds are observation drones, there is a much more logical, albeit less exciting, answer to the mystery.

pigeons grow at lightning speed.

Yes, it can be a bit defoliating, but this “seven-seal secret” opens it. To be precise, they fly out for the first time at the age of four weeks, and by then they already look fully developed, just like their older counterparts. So we could easily meet a one-month-old pigeon, and even younger chicks don’t even leave their nest until then, they only roost there.

If you still want to see baby pigeons, we have good news: in this TikTok video, they show a couple, although, as the uploader points out, there are several different types of pigeons in the recording, which means that we cannot follow the four-week development of one individual.

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2023-05-22 01:33:52