New Covid decree, green pass for indoor restaurants, gyms, cinemas from 6 August. Dragons: “Condition to keep activities open”

From the August 6 will serve the green pass to consume moles bar and in restaurants indoors, as well as to go in gym o al cinema: it will become the pass to participate in activities and events during the pandemic. It will be enough, however, to have only the first one vaccine dose to get the certificate. This is the agreement found by the government on the new Covid decree which was approved in cabinet. “The vaccination campaign has allowed the economy to recover”, explained the premier Mario Draghi at the press conference, “the green pass is not an arbitration, it is one condition per keep open economic activities “. In fact, the provision also establishes i new parameters for the passage of the Regions from one area to another, which will make it more difficult to exit the white area and are based onoccupancy of the beds in intensive care and in the medical area. “We have decided in agreement with the Regions that the hospitalization rate is’driver‘for the change of colors in the Regions “, said the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. Furthermore, it state of emergency for Covid it was extended until December 31, 2021.

“The Italian economy is doing well. Italy grow up at an even faster rate than in other EU countries. But the Delta variant is threatening, expands faster. We have learned that without reacting the reality of other countries that now seems distant to us will present itself immediately ”, said Draghi. Therefore, “so that it continues to be a favorable moment for Italy action must be taken“, Added the premier presenting the decree. “About two thirds of Italians over 12 years have received a dose, more than half have completed the vaccination cycle”, recalled Draghi, also underlining that “the pressure on hospitals has declined sharply ”. It is the “vaccination campaign that allowed the economy to to recover“, Therefore“ I invite all Italians to get vaccinated and do it right away to protect themselves and their families, ”said the prime minister. The green pass “is a tool that Italians have been dealing with for several weeks and already are 40 million the certificates downloaded at 7 am this morning, the minister continued Hope. “Even today before the approval of this decree we used this certificate for some particular cases: weddings, enter Rsa and visit a loved one. With this decree we extend quite significant the use of this tool, ”he added.

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Excluding (for now) transport and school – The use of the green pass to access the public transport – Dai trains to the planes, come on bus to the subway – it was not included in the anti-Covid dl. On the application of the new Covid rules to transport, school e work a new government control room meeting could be held next week. In fact, in the decree there will not even bevaccination obligation for school teachers and employees. “We will soon address the issues of school, transport and work with ad hoc measures”, explained Draghi. “It’s a question complex and to be discussed with i labor unions“, Said the premier answering a question about the green pass for workplaces.

Where will the pass be needed – The green certificate requirement will come into effect from August 6 (and not from 5 as emerged from the advances) to give the exhibitors time to organize themselves. The green certificate will be used to access the tables indoors of bar e restaurants, but it won’t be necessary for consume at the counter, even if indoors. Even in the gym you will only enter if you have a green pass: without giving up everything indoor sports. You will also need the certificate for i theater and cinemas, sports competitions, i museums, the swimming pool and wellness centers, the exhibitions, festivals, i conferences and congresses, i spas, i parks thematic and fun, i cultural centers, the social and recreational centers, the activities of game rooms, bingo halls and betting rooms, casinos and the bankruptcy procedures. Green certificate also required to participate in concerts or enter the Stadium.

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Closed discos – The discos instead they will stay closed. No access, therefore, not even for green pass holders. There League in the control room he had insisted on opening, with new rules. “Are expected refreshments for discos ”, Draghi then specified at the press conference.

Increase capacity for theaters and stadiums – Increase the number of spectators allowed both indoors and outdoors. Big events, either cultural that sportsmen, they will have a percentage to establish the capacity limit, against entry with a green pass: the threshold has been set al 30% al Closed e al 50% outdoors. The stadiums can therefore also be filled for half of the capacity. Regarding cinema e theater, in the yellow zone, spectators will be able to go outdoors up to a maximum of 2500 and indoors up to 1000. While in the white area, where capacity limits are now set, an outdoor roof of 5000 people and indoors of 2500 people.

The validity of the certificate – The green pass to access clubs, activities and events from 6 August will be valid for those who have had at least a dose of vaccine (validity lasts for 9 months starting from the date of the recall). In addition, anyone who has done a swab negative in Previous 48 hours (validity of 48 ore) o sia healed from Covid in the previous six months (validity of 6 months). In the course of the confrontation with the executive that was held before the CDM, the Regions asked the government to send quantities vaccines adapted to the alleged increase in requests, in view of the extended introduction of the green pass. For those with a green certificate there will also be one reduction of quarantine than 14 days in case of close contact with a positive: it is not yet known of how much will be shortened.

Sanctions – The owners or managers of the services and of activities authorized upon presentation of the green pass are required to verify that access to these services and activities takes place in compliance with the requirements. In case of violation, a fine may be raised from 400 a 1000 euro both at the expense of the merchant and the user. If the violation is repeated three times on three different days, the exercise could be closed from 1 to 10 days.

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The criteria for defining colors – The new ones parameters which determine the passage of a Region from one band to another have been rendered less stringent compared to forecasts: the threshold for the passage in yellow zone is fixed at 10% of employment of terapie intensive and at the same time 15% for hospitalizations. Intensive care al 20% and medical areas al 30% to become orange and respectively al 30 and al 40% to enter red zone. The government initially proposed a threshold at 5% of occupation of the resuscitation wards to pass in the yellow zone, while the Regions wanted to set the limit to 15 percent. “Until a few months ago the prevailing parameter was theRt, lately the decisive parameter has been recognized in incidence, or in the number of cases per 100 thousand inhabitants per week, the change we make in agreement with the Regions, with which we have dealt with, is to consider the prevailing parameter for the change of area the hospitalization rate“Explained Speranza. “The government has partially accepted the requests made by the Regions, seeking a compromise“, Commented the president of Umbria, Donatella Tesei. “As Umbria we have pointed out that the smaller regions, having low absolute numbers, they risk being penalized by the calculation for the change of color ”.

Pads at a reduced price – Finally, the Extraordinary Commissioner will define, in agreement with the Minister of Health, a memorandum of understanding with the pharmacy and with the others health facilities in order to ensure the administration of rapid antigen tests a low prices that take into account the purchase costs.