Coronavirus: Madrid, Saturday first day without victims – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 28 – Saturday was the first victimless day of Covid-19 in Madrid since the start of the pandemic. the president of the Comunidad, Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced on Twitter. With over 70,000 infections and more than 2,000 deaths, the capital has been one of the most affected cities in Spain. There […]

Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with many possibilities of going to phase 1

The Ministry of Health It is already studying the technical documentation sent by the governments of the Community of Madrid and Catalonia to move towards phase 1 of the transition plan, as well as the proposal of the Valencian generalitat to stay another week in this phase and the claims of Andalusia and the Basque […]

Galicia, Andalusia and Valencia request the same interprovincial de-escalation as Urkullu

The asymmetric de-escalation that the Government is applying in territories such as the Basque Country may generate a new conflict with other autonomies in the next phase change, the resolution of which is scheduled for next Friday. Lendakari government Inigo Urkullu It has already publicly claimed that justified movements may occur for “socio-economic” reasons between […]

Hotels in Spain: what could a vacation look like despite Corona?

Dhe 290 beds have been made. The water is in the pools, the staff on standby. The only thing missing at the “Hotel Bonsol” in Mallorca is the guests. Hardly had the season started in February after hibernation than Corona had already ended it in mid-March. But the general manager Martin Xamena sees the few […]

The Valencian Community accuses the Government of favoring the PNV in the de-escalation

Saturday, 9 may 2020 – 22:03 Andalusia also attributes the suspense of Malaga and Granada to political and not sanitary criteria Coronavirus | Barcel says they will work hard so that the entire Valencian Community goes to phase 1 The selectivity test carried out by theMinistry of Healthto decide which territories can undertake from next […]

Madrid and part of Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencia and Castillas, outside phase 1

05/08/2020 20:25 – Updated: 05/08/2020 22:30 The 51% of the Spanish population You will enjoy starting Monday, May 11, phase 1 of the de-escalation. Most of the autonomous communities will advance in level, but important areas of the territory will not enter the initial stage. Thus, they will remain in phase 0, the current one, […]

Experts project a house adapted to health emergencies

Sunday, 3 may 2020 – 02:07 The team, which originally worked in a home conditioned to the needs of the elderly, modifies its project at the current juncture Meter to measure temperature and control possible cases of Covid-19.EFE Pandemic.Last minute of the coronavirus Balance.More than 6,000 Andalusians have been cured of the coronavirus, almost half […]

Open reflections on (televised) bulls behind closed doors

I sketched tweets that I never posted for not falling for thestorm of opinionsof those who write on networks with a certain short-sightedness and, therefore, not with all the broad scope that the matter requires. Try to do, in this my space, an exercise of thinking aloud. Reflecting openly on (televised) bulls behind closed doors. […]

The Alhambra after the coronavirus

MANUEL MATEO PREZ Pomegranate Saturday, 2 may 2020 – 02:05 The board believes that national tourism absorb part of the gap left by the international The Alhambra shows off its splendor without visitorsEFE Pomegranate. The Alhambra approves a new ticketing system to avoid more fraud episodes Interview. Roco Daz: “The Alhambra is Granada, but it […]