GISMETEO: Seats will be heated in BMW cars for 1600 rubles per month – Auto

Progress does not stand still, and if quite recently motorists have the opportunity not to buy their own car, but to use it on a monthly subscription, now the company BMW went even further. She offered her customers to connect certain options for a monthly fee. © The company first tested a similar subscription […]

The Corondina scoop is already on the market :: Campo Litoral

Juan Manuel Peratitis | [email protected] The fruit campaign in Coronda started well in 2022. With between 8 to 10 more hectares of planted area, reaching almost 300 hectares in total, with a climate that has behaved well so far, although with some difficulties, like every year there must be so that the quinteros do not […]

GISMETEO: A new Avtotor plant will be built near Kaliningrad – Auto

Representatives of one of the largest automakers in the Russian Federation, the Avtotor company, announced plans to build a new production site, according to the SPIC special investment project. © According to General Director Alexander Sorokin, a location in the village was chosen for the plant. them. Kosmodemyansky, the area of ​​the territory will […]

Gauleiter exploded in a car in a village in the Kharkiv region – Bratchuk

Gauleiter Yevgeny Yunakov exploded in a car in the village of Veliky Burluk, Kharkiv region, near the local administration. Serhiy Bratchuk, the speaker of the Odessa military administration, writes about this on Telegram. At the same time, he added that the information is being clarified. To learn about the most important, relevant, interesting in Kharkov, […]

Terror on the film set: Shootings of famous movies marked by accidents

The shoots involve all kinds of challenges for the actors and the crew, ranging from the technical to the creative. Although large productions usually have everything under control, something can always go wrong La Nación made a compilation of five moments of terror that were experienced on film sets for the most diverse reasons: from […]

Drought and network leaks: Locatello running out, only bottled water at home

The inhabitants of Locatello, about 900, from Thursday afternoon can no longer use the water for drinking, that is to say for food and as a drink, even after boiling. The ban came with an order issued the other day by the mayor Simona Carminati. The ordinance highlights the water shortage due to the drought […]