Art to chill – The “data sculptures” by Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol The 16-minute loop “Machine Hallucinations Satellite Simulations: B, 2021” is presented on an LED wall. (Photo: Anne Orthen; Collection Telekom) Düsseldorf It swells and undulates on the screen, which is more than eight meters high, organic structures arch and melt away, granular structures form like coarse sand in the tide, fluorescent colors spill […]

CALIFORNIA BLUE – The new song by Janis Nikos & Marcella Carin

(openPR) Rottenburg a. N., 03/03/2023 – They have known each other for years. Now they have produced a title together for the first time. We’re talking about Janis Nikos and Marcella Carin. When they premiered as a duet, they used Roy Orbison’s hit song “California Blue”. This song and music video will be released on […]

Mr. Dripping: “I spent my summer nights drawing on my grandfather’s porch”

Mark Rios (Barcelona, 1987) is a world-renowned artist. His grandparents, Germán Avilés Moreno, “Germán de Remigio” (1931-2013) and Feliciana Gómez Montero, “Feli” (1932-2021), were the ones who inspired him to pursue his passion for art. He spent his summer nights drawing on his grandfather’s porch, and his aunt Monica was also a great source of […]

Counting down the days, waiting to meet Dek Loong Stray Kids in early February!

It’s been over three years since the boys have visited Thailand. But, having the chance to perform at the Golden Disc Awards at the start of January, Stray Kids put on an amazing show, getting STAYs ready for a great time and getting music fans excited. Everyone is talking about the performance of the lost […]

Donation to the MACA of Alicante of two artist’s books by Arturo Herrera

The Venezuelan artist Arthur Herrera (Caracas, 1959) visited the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) last summer, where some of his works can be found in the Jenkins-Romero Collection. His enthusiasm for what he found in this center led him to make the decision to donate a series of bibliography to complete its fund. And […]