Psyche and Covid-19: First results of the South Tyrol study are available

A section of the Covid-19 study, carried out across the country in the summer, addresses the psychological effects associated with the spread of Covid-19. The first results are now available and they show how important tests are, because a large proportion of those who tested positive did not consider themselves infected. The study is a […]

Auction house presents alleged Van Gogh painting – UnserTirol24

The Hamburg auction house Dechow wants to auction a painting supposedly by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). The oil painting entitled “The Wijk Mill” is to be presented to potential buyers on Monday morning. Whether the painting is actually by the Dutch painter is not entirely certain, as the auction house explains on its website. The […]

Expert warns: Corona vaccine could never exist

The German virologist Hendrik Streeck warns again of false expectations in dealing with the global corona crisis. According to him, it was “important to also design scenarios in the event that there might not be a vaccine,” said the director of the Institute of Virology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn in […]

Leicht published a photo from the birth! Her older daughter “assisted”

Leicht herself she admitted that home birth is not for everyone. “I would like to tell you that Rozárka was born at home, quickly and safely, with the assistance of Dorotka, Vojta and a midwife. Thank you very much! I am absolutely happy that this was the case. Home birth is not for everyone, for […]

DISCUSSION. Less stars and more Flemish series: what do …

Creating stars is not the task of the VRT. Jeroen Meus is a cook and not a BV. Buying them up from the competition, as happened with Philippe Geubels, is certainly not an option. The majority finds this in the Flemish Parliament. Last night she adopted a resolution proposing the new public service broadcasting contract. […]

Another raid on Wirecard in Germany and Austria

At Wirecard, the investigators have moved again. Five properties of the payment service provider were searched, including the company headquarters in Aschheim near Munich and two buildings in Austria, the German investigators said on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Munich public prosecutor’s office is extending the Wirecard investigation to include fraud. WHAT (AFP) The searches are primarily […]