Plant-only food can benefit animals, studies say

A vegan diet is characterized by the exclusion of any product that has animal origin, while vegetarians include dairy products and eggs in their meals. These choices are often motivated by ethical, environmental, health concerns or love of animals. When well balanced and planned, they can support the general health and well-being of human followers […]

How much does it cost to make a will and what are the necessary procedures?

Making a will is a procedure that many people only associate with movies, or think that it is only useful for people with a lot of money, or choose to even think about it because it is equivalent to thinking about one’s own death and that gives a “bad feeling.” However, making a will is […]

A Surprising Discovery: The Dog-Fox Hybrid Uncovered in Brazil

The previously unique mix of strays turns out to be a dog-fox hybrid September 28, 2023, 3:28 p.m. Listen to article This audio version was artificially generated. More info | Send feedback In nature, it happens from time to time that two animals of different species mate and produce offspring. These so-called hybrids are rare. […]

«Well, it doesn’t come with having one more expense either»

The Government renounces for now applying some points of the Animal Welfare Law, such as the mandatory nature of the civil liability policy. A Saluki named Lola relaxes on a podium Reuters A few days ago Moncho hired a liability insurance for his two dogs, Arco and Elsa. He thought that with the entry into […]

Zac Gallen Leads Diamondbacks to 1-0 Victory Against Cubs with Complete Game

CHICAGO._ Zac Gallen pitched three-hit ball in the second complete game of his career, helping the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Chicago Cubs 1-0 on Friday for their third straight victory. Rookie Corbin Carroll was responsible for the only run of the game with an RBI single in the eighth inning against Mark Leiter Jr. Seiya […]

‘Royal’ corgis parade past Buckingham Palace to honor the Queen

in picture A year after her death, fans of the British royal family pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with a procession of corgis, her favorite dogs. Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 4:30 PM When you say Queen Elizabeth II, you automatically think of her corgis. The small dogs with their stubborn nature were a […]

Sporty Dog Jacket: Stay Warm and Stylish in Winter and Transitional Weather

Sporty light dog jacket for the winter and for the transitional period. Her Dog belongs to the jocks? If not also matter with these warm dog clothes at least he looks extremely sporty. The Jogging jacket for dogs is very easy, but the Fleece might this dog clothes nice and warm and comfortable to wear. […]