Cuban arrested for cell phone theft at Miami Airport

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban Eduardo Miguel Rivera Paz, 37 years old, appeared this Monday in a Florida Court accused of stealing a shipment of Samsung cell phones. Rivera Paz worked as a supervisor in the DHL Express cargo department at Miami International Airport. On March 20, a shipment of cell phones destined for Colombia was […]

Theft or necrophilia in the Timana cemetery?

The reprehensible fact, the subject of the investigation, happened on Monday night, when apparently two subjects and not one, as was initially believed, reached the holy field of Timana and removed the body of Daniela Gasca Ome from her tomb. sister of the social manager of Timaná, Angie Lorena Gasca, desecrating the grave and committing […]

Porcupines stolen from Thale zoo

Unknown persons stole two white-tailed porcupines from their enclosure in the Hexentanzplatz zoo in Thale in the Harz district. The police announced on Sunday. The porcupines “Pinky” and “Brain” who disappeared on Saturday night are around 60 centimeters tall and weigh around 15 kilograms. Both animals are fully grown and have a gray comb on […]

He would have committed theft through computer means

This man who would have stolen a million-dollar sum of money by computer means was deprived of liberty. The Prosecutor’s Office reported today that Juan Carlos Zambrano Medina was deprived of liberty for allegedly having stolen a million-dollar sum of money by computer means in the city of Neiva. According to the investigations, the defendant […]

Recommendations to prevent identity theft and digital fraud

Movistar offers recommendations to recognize types of theft of personal information used in crimes of identity theft and bank fraud. In a preventive manner, Movistar sends early alerts before contracting or replacing mobile chips, in compliance with the provisions of Osiptel. Movistar Peru offers recommendations to the population on how to prevent and protect themselves […]

A couple of individuals were arrested for theft and robbery of motorcycles in Guanta

The individuals were captured by members of the Barcelona Municipal Delegation of the Cicpc/ Photo: Archive A couple of individuals were arrested by officials of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) for theft and robbery of motorcycles in Guanta. The subjects, trapped on Real y Medio street in the El Chaparro sector, were […]