The budget, a rudder to keep SMEs afloat | Economy

The budget is as important in business as the highway for the driver: it allows the businessman to meet his goals and reach his destination, anticipating the potholes that may arise along the way. However, its correct preparation is a pending issue for many SMEs, now surprised by the slowdown in the activity. “Unfortunately, rigorous […]

Covid-19: Not without Europe | Opinion

The covid-19 pandemic puzzles. Therefore, States Move shunned criticism easier to manage the European authorities, Spanish or Catalan before the local emergency. We need political, territorial, economic and social consensus to deal with the reconstruction phase beyond the borders. Europe will be the key to getting out of the hole. For this reason, without ceasing […]

A fundamental gold and sugar ink to treat cancer | Science

Gold is a precious metal in every way. Its unique nano-scale characteristics make this chemical element an exceptional weapon in medicine and, especially, against cancer. The ability of this metal to interact with biomolecules, the zero toxicity and its conductivity make it a great tool for diagnosing tumors, intervening them or as a transport for […]