Guidelines to reduce the impact of frost on vineyards and vines

When the temperature of the air mass closest to the ground is equal to or less than zero, a frost is recorded, which can cause partial or total damage to crops. In this sense, both spring and autumn frosts affect crops in different ways: in fruit trees, damage occurs to the flowers and newly formed […]

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The Compact Disc (CD for short) is an optical storage device that was introduced by Philips/PolyGram and Sony in the early 1980s for the digital storage of music and was intended to replace the vinyl record. Later, the Compact Disc format was expanded to be able to store more than just music (CD-DA). Since then, […]

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Eat. Imagine it’s the cultural capital – and everyone goes there. Or cycle. To the largest and most beautiful street theater in the world: the still life on the Ruhrschnellweg. Over three million visitors and residents of the Ruhr metropolis celebrated happily and peacefully on Sunday (July 18th). “The weather god seems to be a […]

“Contract of honor” M. Pliakos with the citizens

Editorial RoomCurrent Affairs The mayor of Zitsa and re-candidate Michalis Pliakos signed a “contract of honor” with the citizens, at the event for the inauguration of the election center of the “Honest State” faction, which took place on Wednesday night in Eleousa. A “contract of honor”, which he committed to strictly adhere to, while he […]

Hablemos Medellín presented results after speaking with 1,520 citizens

On May 30, EAFIT University presented an initiative that today showed results: Let’s Hable Medellín. It was born with the purpose of bringing people’s voices to the center of public debate. To make this possible, the National University and the Sura Foundation joined EAFIT University as main allies. These names were joined by the Medellín […]

The National Meeting of Hemotherapy References was held

The Directorate of Transfusion Medicine (DMT) of the Ministry of Health of the Nation held this Tuesday, September 12, a national meeting of hemotherapy coordinators, which included the participation of leaders on the subject from different provinces of our country. The conference, organized together with the Argentine Association of Hemotherapy, Immunohematology and Cellular Therapy (AAHITC), […]