Climate: Irish citizens against the state

Landmarks Who is attacking the Irish government? The Friends of the Environment (FIE), an Irish association, takes the court to protest against the government’s climate policy, which they judge low and unambitious. They are now supported by nearly 20,000 people who have asked for the case to be defended. in their name. Why ? Ireland […]

AVISO Press Conference: Energy Communities |

02.07.2020 Vienna (OTS) – Like all EU member states, Austria is obliged to create a suitable regulatory framework for energy communities. They are a logical next step to help the energy transition make a breakthrough. Because they can promote regional energy supply, make citizens active partners in the energy system and involve them in regional […]

Citizens rejects the pact with EH Bildu but does not break with the PSOE

Madrid Friday, 22 may 2020 – 02:13 Parliamentary spokesman for Arrimadas frames his rejection of the Snchez agreements to maintain the “Frankenstein government” Cs parliamentary spokesman Edmundo Bal (left) speaks with ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufin in Congress.POOL Citizens rejected this Thursday the PSOE agreement with EH Bildu to repeal the labor reform. And he did […]

The Tea Party revives in Madrid

05/17/2020 05:00 – Updated: 05/17/2020 06:05 Advanced in The ‘New York Times’ published a few weeks ago a work by the researcher Lisa Graves in which he accurately described those behind the protests against the state-mandated stay-at-home obligation to fight the pandemic. Lisa Graves is the executive director of True North Research, a nonprofit organization […]

Madrid breaks the bridges with Health after being left behind by the delay in detection

05/16/2020 05:00 – Updated: 05/16/2020 06:26 The The confrontation between the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Health seems insurmountable. After receiving another refusal to advance in the de-escalation, the region will remain in phase 0 —Although with some relief for the economic recovery, so it can be spoken of a stage 0.5— at […]

Original sin | Spain

JORGE DEL PALACIO Updated Thursday, 14 may 2020 –23:34 PSOE deputy Rafael Simancas and his parliamentary spokesman, Adriana Lastra, in Congress.POOL “Why is Spain in such high numbers of infected and deceased by Covid? Because in Spain is the Community of Madrid.” Who was dispatched with this diagnosis was the national deputy of the PSOERafael […]

The distribution of more than 600,000 masks to citizens begins

Members of the State security corps and forces, as well as Civil Protection and local police, began to distribute more than 600,000 masks sent by the Government on Monday morning to distribute on public transport in Galicia to “improve protection “against COVID-19. This has been reported by the Government Delegation in Galicia in a statement […]

Arrimadas shakes the board: PP and Ciudadanos compete again for the center

Sunday,     10     may     2020     –         02:31 The Covid-19 crisis has fallen like a neutron bomb and has cracked the political table, resituting all the actors and making possible previously unthinkable pacts. This week, the agreement between thegovernmentand Ciudadanos to extend the state of alarm has broken the unity of the center-right against Pedro Snchez, but […]