Vitamin B12 deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

A new scientific study from the Medical Center Wexner from Ohio State University, published in the journal Nutrientsrevealed that a deficiency of vitamina B12 can affect and increase the risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease. The experts found a relationship between the levels of vitamin B12 and the profiles of lipidswhich include figures for cholesterol […]

Donating unites us – Spanish Hospital of La Plata

To speak of Donation and Transplantation is to consider the health and well-being of another. It is to raise awareness and promote values ​​such as: solidarity, care and empathy. For this reason, every May 30, in our country, the National Day of organ and tissue donation, established by the INCUCAI, is commemorated. This date is […]

AngioConsult/Angiopro & Ventripoint announce their partnership for an innovative AI technology

(openPR) Toronto/Speyer, April 7, 2022 – AngioConsult GmbH, a management consultancy in the healthcare sector with many years of experience in the commercialization of new software technologies, and Angiopro GmbH, a classic sales company with comprehensive services in the field of cardiology, are announcing their partnership with Ventripoint Diagnostics Ltd. famous. Ventripoint has developed VMS+ software, a […]

The new president of the interventional cardiological society is from Naples

Editorial board 09 October 2021 12:26 Share Giovanni Esposito, born in 1968, is the new president of the Italian Society of Interventional Cardiology Gise. He will lead the scientific society until 2023, succeeding the outgoing president Giuseppe Tarantini. The announcement comes at the conclusion of the 42nd National Gise hybrid edition congress which took place […]

Hospital services

Department / Unit: Oncology day hospital Secretariat Telephone: Phone: 03-88-06-36-52 Fax : 03-88-06-36-53 Team : Head of pole and department: Dr Bernard WILLEMIN Medical staff : Dr Yves ARONDELDr Annélie BROCCHI-JUNGDr France CAMPOS-GAZEAUDr. Kevin DAKANDr. Veronica PRELIPCEANDr. Bascha SZALDr Julie VESSAUD Senior Health Officer: Mme Catherine SCHANN Health Framework : Mme Amanda GERWIG Other stakeholders: […]

These three simple steps will save lives

A person becomes unconscious or suddenly collapses: Every year around 60,000 people in Germany die of sudden cardiac death. Much of them could be saved. But for fear of doing something wrong, many hesitate or do nothing at all. That’s the biggest mistake. According to the German Heart Foundation, more than 60,000 people die of […]

They develop a drug that kills breast cancer in mouse models

A new method of treating breast cancer kills 95-100% of cancer cells in estrogen receptor-positive mouse models of human breast cancers and their metastases to bone, brain, liver, and lungs. The newly developed drug, called “ErSO”, rapidly reduces even large tumors to undetectable levels, according to scientists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, in the […]

“good reflexes on the coast” Anglet 07 July

The Anglet Health and Wellbeing events are periodic prevention and information events that take place throughout the year, with the aim of raising public awareness of public health issues. They are organized in partnership by the City of Anglet and the Center Hospitalier de la Côte Basque. For this first summer edition, four days of […]

at the Padua hospital the extraordinary combined heart-kidney multiple surgery

A world first: cardiac surgeons, urologists and anesthetists plan and perform a combined multiple surgery that is unprecedented in the literature. Surgical interventions In fact, the execution of two different surgeries in two different times was scheduled, at a distance of only six days from each other: Removal of kidney tumor with robotic surgery with […]

operated on a thrombus the ‘smallest patient in the world’

Related news Professionals from the Radiodiagnosis service of the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre in Madrid have successfully carried out a thrombectomy (removal of a thrombus) in a cerebral artery in the smallest patient in the world, who was only two months old at the time of the intervention. Its about first treatment of this […]