VIDEO – Volcanic eruption in the Canaries: the lava flow approaches the ocean

REPORT – The lava flow from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which erupted on Sunday on the island of La Palma, in the Spanish Canary archipelago, continued on Wednesday to advance inexorably towards the Atlantic Ocean under the helpless gaze of the condemned inhabitants to see the enormous damage. Maxence GEVIN – 2021-09-22T17:03:03.000+02:00 The lava flow […]

Tunnel flooded: Climate change threatens New York’s subway

business Extremwetter Flooded Subway – Climate change threatens New York’s lifeline Status: 09:20 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes After the heavy rains, the underground tunnels were flooded and damaged in many places Source: pa / dpa / TheNEWS2 vi / Niyi Fote Here you will find content from Podigee In order to interact with […]

This was the training of the continent’s military to respond to natural disasters

The alert for an alleged 6.5 magnitude earthquake in central Colombia triggered a humanitarian operation that involved rescuers, crews and aircraft in a training exercise. This was the training of the continent’s military to respond to natural disasters. The training was generated to deal with natural disasters, in which 15 countries of the American continent […]

How to insure against climate change? | Economy | DW

Many people in Germany were caught by surprise by the heavy rains and deadly floods that hit parts of the country in mid-July. Now, as homeowners take stock of the damage, there might come a second surprise when reviewing their insurance policies. Home insurance in Germany covers water damage, but not for heavy rains or […]

The images of torrential rains in China

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To Roxel on disaster relief: “Money is paid out easily”

17.07.2021 15:39 Uhr – 03:07 min To Roxel for Disaster Relief “Money is paid out easily” Many of the people in the flood areas have lost everything, all of their belongings. Ntv reporter Nadine To Roxel explains what politicians are planning to help them financially quickly and directly. .

The reinsurer wants to benefit from the Asian boom

Munich He is one of the most versatile finance managers in the country. Achim Kassow was head of Comdirect and on the board of Commerzbank, he headed the Oldenburgische Landesbank, switched to Allianz Germany and headed Ergo Germany. He has been a member of the Munich Re Board of Management for a year, where he […]

3000 firefighters in action: Dozens of forest fires are raging in Russia

Sunday June 13th 2021 3000 firefighters in action Dozens of forest fires are raging in Russia There has been a fire in the Russian forests for months. The emergency services are currently fighting the flames over an area of ​​500 square kilometers. Since most fires arise from negligence, the authorities are now taking unusually strict […]