Forge ahead on a new journey and run towards the future – Hebei Provincial Games showcase new achievements in sports development_Huaao Starry Sky | Sports Industry Platform

On September 16, the 16th Hebei Province Sports Games concluded in Handan City. At the closing ceremony, the competition results and outstanding contribution awards of each delegation, the sports ethics award, the best organization award for the mass sports group, the outstanding organization award for the mass sports group, the contribution award and other awards […]

Featherweight spends more than 30 thousand dollars on tennis for his entire team

The Featherweight singer went viral on social networks, after spending more than 30 thousand dollars (512 thousand pesos) on tennis shoes that he gave to his entire team. Through the X platform, formerly Twitter, a video of the Mexican interpreter was shared in a tennis store accompanied by his team. “Since I was a child […]

Merchants Seize the Pink Business Opportunity to Unleash the Potential of “She Consumption”_Huao Xingkong | Sports Industry Platform

Recently, a movie called “Barbie” was released in my country, which once again aroused people’s attention to “her consumption”. This pink trend has extended beyond theaters. Merchants are seizing the business opportunity of pink, and the related sports products and activities launched are sought after, which makes people see the huge potential of women’s sports […]

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Fashionable Stroll through Paris: A Paparazzi Capture

The paparazzi have photographed Blake Lively y a Ryan Reynolds walking through the streets of Paris. They almost go unnoticed until you realize that they are two big Hollywood stars. And that she’s making a full-blown fashion statement. Starting with the floral shirt dress, a midi-length basic with a white background and slightly fitted at […]

The most valuable brands are dominated by Apple, Chinese brands are giving way

Analysts of the research company Kantar calculated the value of Apple at 880 billion dollars, which is seven percent less than last year. Despite this, the company from Cupertino, California, maintained its lead. However, the decline in value was experienced by the vast majority of the brands that were placed in the ranking. The value […]

Athlete Aaron Hicks Inspires Ridicule from Fans with Star Wars Shoes

There are several athletes who are inspired by Star Wars for your clothing, in whatever discipline it is. Aaron Hicks, player for the New York Yankees of American baseball, is one of them. However, Not everyone takes their decision well. Hicks obtained three models of personalized shoes on The Mandalorian, the popular series starring Pedro […]

Customs Officials Uncover Massive Counterfeit Sneaker Operation in Hamburg

When the officers see the shoe, they have serious suspicions This Nike shoe triggers a large-scale operation in Hamburg When the customs officials see this shoe, they become suspicious. Main Customs Office Hamburg Apr 28, 2023 @ 8:38am When the customs officials in Hamburg check a delivery from China, they become suspicious. Are these actually […]