Alimony: the reform enters into force, here is what changes

The reform entered into force on January 1. The Family Allowance Funds will now be able to act as intermediaries in their payment, upon separation, without any unpaid bills. The reform put into service since 1is January could significantly reduce the number of unpaid child support payments. In any case, this is the objective announced […]

An average of 1 million pesos is provided to the Durango Pensions Department

On average, the State Government Pensions Directorate lends one million pesos a day, said the director of said agency, Francisco Esparza Hernández, who indicated that one of the benefits most requested by workers is loans, and to date they have been They have delivered 13,829 loans, for an amount close to 600 million pesos. Currently, […]

Amount of old-age pensions rises in October and reaches $ 261 thousand

However, the results reveal a high gender gap: the pension of men almost tripled that of women, according to a report by Ciedess. People who obtained their first retirement in October 2020 received, on average, a self-financed pension of 8.99 UF ($ 261,041), which corresponds to a drop of 14.7% compared to the previous month […]

Pension in Ukraine will grow by 400 and 500 UAH – who will be raised

Pensioners are waiting for an increase in payments (collage RBC-Ukraine) It became known who will increase pensions in 2021 Ukrainians are planning to increase their pensions in 2021. The increase in payments will affect those people who are 65, 75 and 80 years old. As the Minister of Social Policy Marina Lazebnaya said on the […]

How was the Government project for the second withdrawal of 10%

A rapid advance achieved the government with your own project for a second withdrawal of 10% of the AFPs. Of course, he had to give in most of the limitations he imposed, not in the application of a tax to the highest income. Yesterday the senators of the United Finance and Labor commissions They sent […]

Government wants to avoid inequities in second withdrawal of funds

This is due to the fact that deputy Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI) did not give unanimity today to end the particular vote. 19:31: The president of the Constitutional Commission, Matías Walker (DC), indicated after the session that will quote again for tomorrow Thursday afternoon until full dispatch, so that, if possible, a vote is taken […]

the largest IPO with a demand that exceeded 872 times supply

31/10/2020 05:00 Ahead of With just a few hours to go until the largest IPO in history materializes and Asian markets are still recovering from what has been a heart-stopping weekend. The arrival of Ant Group, one of the legs of Jack Ma’s empire, to the trading floor of Shanghai and Hong Kong has exceeded […]

Minister of Labor calls for change of heads of non-performing pension funds / Labor Inspection must be abolished and re-established with another organizational chart – Finance & Banking

The Minister of Labor, Violeta Alexandru, asked the president of the National Pension House to change the management of non-performing houses such as those in Alba, Bihor, Ilfov, Vâlcea, Neamţ, Hunedoara (Petroşani), Giurgiu and Gorj, as well as in all sectors of the Capital. Agerpres. Also, Violeta Alexandru considers that the Labor Institution should be […]