Pensions, since the flop of Quota 100 there are 10 billion for new bonuses

Applications for retirement through Quota 100 accepted from 2019 to 2021 were just under 380,000, “well below those expected”. This is explained by the latest analysis of INPS and the parliamentary budget office that decrees the flop of one of the key measures of the first Conte government, the yellow-green one with M5s and Lega. […]

European Commission: Poland spends little on social benefits

– The conclusions of the European Commission are in line with those that we, as EAPN Poland, presented in our last report “Poverty Watch 2021”. The number of people who benefit from mainstream social welfare benefits is declining and the percentage of children, adults, including seniors, living in extreme poverty is increasing. At the same […]

The inevitable future of pensions is to work for more years according to experts

It is the problem that can be seen coming from afar and that, however, passes from legislature to legislature without being resolved: the maintenance of pensions. Unless there is a state pact, no party wants to assume the political cost of doing the inevitable: lengthening our working lives. Spain spent 10,798.09 million euros in April […]

Issste raffles 40 thousand personal loans

In it fourth draw of personal loans 2022the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (Issste) assigned 40 thousand credits. Is about: 1.- specials: 18 thousand, which represent 45 percent of the total allocated 2.- ordinary: 20 thousand, which is equivalent to 50 percent of the total allocated 3.- Exclusive for pensioners: thousand, […]

Campaign for prevention and early detection of breast cancer | Colombianosune

Country USA Virtual talk organized by the Colombian Consulate in Washington. May 5th 3:00 p.m. Colombia4:00 p.m. Washington Subject: Learn about the free services Capital Breast Care Center offers in Washington DC and Maryland for breast cancer screening, prevention and much more. Myths and realities about: Mammograms. History of breast cancer. Lumps in the breasts. […]

Deadlines and deductions in 730: here is the vademecum for the presentation

First of all, to benefit from the 19% personal income tax deduction for certain expenses (including health care, education, personal service workers / carers, interest payable on the loan) from 2020 it is also necessary to provide proof of payment made with traceable methods, i.e. by bank or postal transfer, postal order, Mav, debit card […]

Universal Guaranteed Pension: How can I receive the $185,000 contribution and what are its requirements?

The government of former President Sebastián Piñera, shortly before finishing, presented the draft Universal Guaranteed Pensionthe one who seeks to leave behind the Solidarity Pillar created during the government of President Bachelet. This benefit is provided by the State and administered by the Social Security Institute.granting pensions to the elderly, specifically to people who meet […]

Gokov envisions an extraordinary inflation indexation of pensions

From 1 July, the pension for any pensioner will not be reduced. There should be a pension update of 6.1% under Swiss rule, but it does not cover covid supplements. This was stated by the Minister of Social Affairs Georgi Gokov to BNT. Just over 1 million pensioners receive the minimum pension, but all this […]