Funds implement historic pension increases: how is that possible? | Economy

25 nov 2022 om 05:25Update: een dag geleden Pension funds have announced increases of more than 10 percent this month. That while they could not adjust the pensions to price increases for more than ten years. Why is that possible now? And what does that have to do with the transition to the new pension […]

The UK shock

In the post-Brexit UK Tory Conservatives are removing the essential tenets of classical neoliberalism. Conservative tax theories have just been killed. First they had to finish off the frivolous Boris Johnson, then they got rid of Mrs. Truss for her audacity in lowering taxes. In Spain, the rude joy of Mrs. Ayuso still resounds over […]

A court in Oviedo condemns a lawyer who forgot to request a divorce compensation

Upon realizing his mistake, he tried to rectify it but it was not admitted, ending the procedure with a sentence in which compensatory pension was not collected, and his appeal where he urged the annulment of proceedings was also unsuccessful. The woman then hired the lawyer Manuel Vicente Vallina who sued the previous lawyer of […]

New pension system? Nearly a million employees do not build up a pension

ANP XTRA NOS News•Friday, 07:24•Amended Friday, 08:31 Leanne Kraniotis economics editor Leanne Kraniotis economics editor Yesterday there was a lively debate in the House of Representatives about a new pension system. Employees without a pension are one of the important themes in the pension debate. Nearly one million employees do not accrue any supplementary pension […]

When do I get paid the Universal Guaranteed Pension in November?

The Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU) is one of multiple benefits provided by the State and its objective is improve the low pensions of the elderly in Chile. When do you pay the PGU in November? The PGU does not have a predetermined payment date since it is paid monthly together with each person’s pension and […]

When is the Universal Guaranteed Pension paid this month?

Universal Guaranteed Pension The requirements changed from the month of August, find out the details of the benefit provided by the IPS. By Francesca Arnechino 26/10/2022 – 15:14hs CLT 26/10/2022 – 15:14hs CLT © Agency OneWhen do they pay the PGU? The Universal Guaranteed Pension It is a state benefit, which is delivered by the […]

UK miscalculations and the Brexit mortgage

Explain the origin of the current UK financial crisis without mentioning the Brexit would be to miss a key event. It would lead one to think that the fateful decisions of the Government of Liz Truss or of Bank of England They are entirely to blame for the wave of distrust over their public debt […]