“Now is not the time to disarm the police, Mr. Mélenchon!”

Guillaume Jeanson is a lawyer at the Paris Bar. For several days, Dijon has been living to the rhythm of clashes between communities. Last night, faced with the intensity of the violence, the RAID – not to be confused, as Jean-Luc Mélenchon did on Twitter, with the GIGN – was even out to support the […]

“Don’t let Erdogan transform the Hagia Sophia into a mosque!”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – The historian and theologian recalls the tumultuous fate of this basilica of the 4th century, which finds itself again in the heart of a civilizational conflict between East and West. By Jean-François Colosimo Hagia Sophia, in 2019. MURAD SEZER / REUTERS Jean-François Colosimo has published ten books, the last of which, […]

“Rosa Parks does not belong to the history of France”

Paul-François Paoli is a journalist and essayist. He recently published At the source of the French identity malaise, values, identity and instinct for collaboration (at the Gunner). FIGAROVOX.- Colbert Sophie-Germain high school in Thionville will be renamed to take the name of the African-American activist Rosa Parks. What reaction does this inspire you? Paul-François PAOLI.- […]

“The guerrilla scenes in Dijon are not a news item”

Former local elected official, Céline Pina is an essayist and activist. She is the founder of “Viv (r) e la République”, she also published Guilty silence (Address, 2016). Account settlements in the city center, gangs of armed and hooded individuals who surge to confront each other, totally uninhibited violence … since Friday, Dijon has been […]

“When the future of your children is played on Russian roulette”

Clément Armato, UNI National Delegate, student spokesperson and Fiona Idda, UNI National Delegate, UNI-Lycée coordinator Last Tuesday, 658,000 high school students feverishly awaited the verdict from Parcoursup. After having conscientiously followed all the stages imposed by the platform (formulation of orientation vows, entry of academic records, writing of motivation letters), they had hoped for better […]

“The perpetual over-indebtedness of France chains future generations”

TRIBUNE – The French state finds a golden excuse for its permanent budgetary laxity in the current crisis, as serious as it is in itself, explains the director of Ifrap (liberal think-tank) *. By Agnes Verdier-Molinié “Regardless of the current crisis, 599 billion public debt will mature by 2023”, recalls Agnès Verdier-Molinié Illustration Fabien Clairefond […]

Unibel: AG answers to written questions

General Meeting of May 14, 2020 – Answers to written questions GENERAL MEETING OF MAY 14, 2020 ANSWERS TO WRITTEN QUESTIONS The answers reported below follow written questions from shareholders received by the Company during the Combined General Meeting of May 14, 2020. They were approved by the Chairman of the Management Board on May […]

Coronavirus. Three questions on ARS, under fire from critics for their management of

Decried since their birth, the all-powerful regional health agencies (ARS) focus criticism on their management of the coronavirus epidemic, but the government supports them against all odds because it is its action that is targeted through them . What are ARS used for? If they do not have the title, their directors are real health […]

“In France, failures in public services harm GDP”

ANALYSIS – According to the new outlook presented last week by the IMF, the country should record a 7.2% decline in 2020 in its GDP (Bercy expects a fall of 8%). Jean-Pierre Robin. Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro The French economy has long been relatively sheltered from global crises. It was obvious in the Franco-German […]