Zhang Shuwei and Xie Jingying are engaged… The ring finger revealed clues and the agent confirmed it: they are a couple’s rings | Entertainment | CTWANT

Zhang Shuwei and Xie Jingying fell in love from on-screen to off-screen, and they were photographed confessing their love immediately after spending the night together. (Photo/Provided by FTV) Zhang Shuwei and Xie Jingying fell in love on the set of FTV’s 8 o’clock episode of “The Rich and the Rich”, and later admitted their love […]

The mastermind of the counterfeiting ring was arrested

RAB arrested five people including Roni alias Ronus with a large amount of fake notes. Meanwhile, equipment for making fake notes was recovered from them. According to RAB, Rony is the mastermind of a ring of counterfeit notes. On Friday (September 1) night, raids were conducted in Savar, Ashulia and Bhaluka areas of Mymensingh and […]

A human smuggling ring has been identified in the US

Washington Oillegally bring people from Uzbekistan to the United Statesreported that the activity of the node dealing with this has been put to an end. A hub engaged in human trafficking At least one member of the network had ties to a foreign terrorist group, according to US officials. The White House statement did not […]

The results of the Sudanese meeting on the fourth ring road in Baghdad

We present to you, our esteemed followers, this news with the title: The results of the Sudanese meeting on the fourth ring road in Baghdad Which was published on our website on 2023-08-28 11:17:51. And now to the details. Alsumaria News – Localities Today, Monday, the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, directed to prevent encroachment […]

They are smart! – Marquez in love with a heart at the Red Bull Ring

They are smart, the two lovebirds. Yes, Marc Marquez can be sure of the best mental support on the Spielberg weekend. His sweetheart Gemma Pinto is one of the party. He has already had his picture taken with her while strolling across the Red Bull Ring. He seems relaxed, full of life, balanced. No wonder, […]

A member of the human trafficking ring was arrested in the capital

RAB has arrested a member of an organized human trafficking ring from Gadarbagh area of ​​Keraniganj police station in Dhaka. His name is Emdad Bepari (63). RAB-3 Staff Officer (Media) Senior ASP Farzana Haque gave the information on Sunday (August 6). He said that the organized human trafficking gang has embezzled money from at least […]

Barbi Palvin showed off her spectacular engagement ring

Recently, it was revealed that the Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin and that Apafej Dylan Sprouse, also known from the movie, made the big decision after almost five years of dating and officially tied the knot. Palvin Barbi announced the news on Instagram: a V in a mini-video made for a magazine shoot, the couple can […]

youth on the ring

The Cuban boxing squad that will represent us at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023 (from June 23 to July 8), with representation of both sexes, was announced this Tuesday at a press conference With a predominance of new figures (five of the seven Olympic categories), possibly the greatest responsibility will […]