The recovery of China’s economy raises the expected demand for oil by 5.1% in 2023

China National Petroleum Corp., the largest oil company in China, expects demand for crude in the Chinese market to grow this year by 5.1% to 756 million tons, after abandoning restrictions to contain the emerging Corona virus and resuming economic activities normally. According to the Institute of Economic Research and Technology of the Chinese oil […]

Elianis Garrido recovery fainting health

The presenter Elianis Garrido is one of the presenters of the ‘Lo Sé Todo’ program and in the middle of a news she was delivering, the presenter fainted and they had to send commercials abruptly so that the doctors could treat her. The truth is that the health of the ex-protagonist of soap opera and […]

MINEDU and Peruvian Army personnel began recovery of schools in Lima

After the coordination carried out by the Minister of Education, Oscar Becerra, with the Ministry of Defense, Army crews joined the actions to clean and rehabilitate educational centers in Lima, along with workers from the Ministry of Education and parents. The Regional Director of Education of Metropolitan Lima, Luis Quintanilla, reported that the work has […]

Court repeals incorrect decisions on Corona emergency aid

IIn the dispute over the recovery of emergency Corona aid, the North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court overturned incorrect decisions on Friday. The Higher Administrative Court thus agreed with the view of the administrative courts from the previous instance. However, according to the court’s instructions, the state can reassess the final decisions and thus reclaim overpaid […]

Covid: Gimbe, rise in cases +3.8% but ICU admissions down -13.6% – Healthcare

In the last week there has been a slight increase in new cases of Covid-19 (29,438 against 28,347, equal to +3.8%) and a decrease in deaths (244 against 299, equal to -18.4%). On the other hand, hospitalizations with symptoms are increasing (3,331 against 3,200, equal to +4.1%), while the decline in intensive care continues (133 […]