Award for Vera Maria Schmidt

May 12, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. Fontheim Prize 2020 : price for Vera Maria Schmidt ->      <! – Actress Vera Maria Schmidt – here in “The Diary of Anne Frank” – was honored with a sponsorship award. Photo: Matthias Stutte / © Matthias Stutte Krefeld The actress Vera Maria Schmidt received this year’s Joachim […]

Andreichenko took part in the challenge

Anastasia Ryshkova Soviet Mary Poppins cheerfully celebrated her birthday. Natalya Andreichenko. Photo: Honored Artist of the RSFSR on May 3 celebrated her birthday. She announced this on her Instagram. Natalya Andreichenko decided that age is not a hindrance to fun and took part in the world challenge #quarantinepillowchallenge. The actress tied a pillow to […]

Anna Castillo, against censorship on Instagram | Talent

He takes pictures in analog, but considers himself a digital person. “The best thing about technology is its practicality, it solves your life; the worst thing is that it distances you a little from the real world ”, reflects Anna Castillo (Barcelona, ​​1993), winner of a Goya for The olive (2017) and protagonist of The […]

Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva announced her hospitalization :: Society :: RBC

Tatyana Vasilyeva (Photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova / Global Look Press) The Soviet and Russian 73-year-old actress, TV presenter Tatyana Vasilyeva announced her hospitalization, Interfax reports. “I still can’t say for sure (what’s my diagnosis),” Vasilyeva clarified, saying that she was going to the hospital. Alexander Vasiliev discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka RIA Novosti reported earlier […]

Actress Susana Ortiz died on the day she turned 72

The actress Susana Ortiz, remembered for being the “bad” in the series “Chiquititas”, broadcast by Telefe since 1995, died this Thursday, while she was turning 72, according to her son Alejo Ortiz, also an actor, according to the statement from the Argentine Association of Actors. “We regret the death of actress Susana Ortiz, with an […]

Freestyle soloist Nina Kirso dies :: Society :: RBC

Soviet and Ukrainian artist, freestyle soloist Nina Kirso died in Poltava in her 57th year of life. This was announced by a member of the musical group Sergey Kuznetsov on Instagram. The singer died after a long illness, said Kuznetsov. What kind of disease in question, he did not specify. Moskovsky Komsomolets writes that in […]