What you need to know about the sinking of the “Grande America”

An oil slick is heading towards the French coast after the sinking of the Italian ship Grande America, which sank off La Rochelle. The vessel contained hazardous materials and 2,200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil in its holds. Hybrid ship between a ro-ro and a container ship with a length of 214 meters, the Grande […]

Splashy Called to Be the Cause of Listeria Outbreak, Let’s Find Out Enoki Mushroom?

GridHype.ID – Ever heard of enoki mushroom? or do you consume it often? Maybe some of you are familiar with processed enoki mushrooms. These days, processed Enoki mushrooms are on the rise in the country. Also Read: Corona Pandemic Not Yet Disappeared, Indonesia Must Face Listeria Bacteria from Enoki Mushrooms, Be Alert! 5 These Foods […]

“Attacks against nature are part of the health crisis”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – The Covid-19 pandemic must not obscure the protection of biodiversity, recall the famous primatologist and the Director-General of Unesco during a cross-interview at the Figaro. By Delphine Chayet and Cyrille Vanlerberghe Jane Goodall (left) primatologist and ambassador for the Great Apes Survival Partnership, and Audrey Azoulay, Director General of Unesco. pierremouton On […]

The bat, the heroine of the coronavirus

Published on : 05/17/2020 – 00:05 It was with it that it all started: the bat, which hosted the new coronavirus, before transmitting it to humans, directly or indirectly. A true reservoir of viruses, the bat is, however, also an ally of man. Night is falling on the Bois de Vincennes, in Paris, and we […]

The giraffes disappear and the Gates Foundation is “falsely generous”

Published on : 05/06/2020 – 18:03 There are only 600 left! Niger’s PĂ©ralta giraffes are the last in West Africa. Their habitat is threatened by deforestation. Since 2009, Land use planning and forest production, ATPF, a Nigerian NGO educates local populations. This NGO is part of the PPI (Small Initiatives Program), a program of the […]

Tit die in Hesse: the songbirds die from it

The riddle of the unusually large number of dead blue tits has been solved: The Hessian State Laboratory has examined several of the songbirds that have died. The agency also announced whether there was any danger to people. Photo series with 17 pictures In April this year In Hesse, an unusually large number of blue […]

Why so many misconceptions about snakes? (Replay)

Published on : 04/22/2020 – 09:21Modified : 04/22/2020 – 17:08 Why do snakes scare us so much? Between disgust, fear and fascination, why are they so unloved? And if it was first out of ignorance, out of ignorance, but also because we have our heads full of false ideas, beliefs, legends and incredible rumors that […]