Fourth wave: everyone can only count on themselves – Video of the week

2021. november 6. 11:21 The fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic erupted spectacularly. And it’s like we have a “deja vu” feeling that this has already happened sometime. Health experts have been warning for weeks that the late austerity measures taken during the third wave should not be repeated in the fourth wave. And the […]

A ban on visits was ordered in another hospital

The quieter pace of the fourth wave so far brought out jumps last week, which means that infection rates have doubled, with 30 deaths a day among the deaths. All of this shows that the latest wave is starting to show its iron teeth, with the result that more and more hospitals are closing their […]

For 344 million, the state took over the supervision of vending machines

Acting on behalf of the Hungarian state, MNV Zrt. Purchased a 100% stake in MPF ​​Felügyeleti Szolgáltató Kft. From Magyar Posta Zrt., According to the current final accounts bill. According to the document, the subsidiary controlling the vending machines changed hands for HUF 344 million. The MPF Supervisory Service Provider was established by the post […]

A billion-dollar deal was leaked from the interest of Lőrinc Mészáros

The company intended for the creation of the new Paks blocks, Paks II. Zrt. Five companies submitted bids for the net tender amounting to HUF 993.13 million, but only two reached the final bid: Mercarius Flottakezelő Kft., Which was later announced as the winner, and Mészáros M1 Autókereskedő Kft. Our routine readers bite that the […]