Due to the expansion of ICUs, more health personnel are required

In Colombia there are already 1,842 health professionals who have been infected with COVID-19. Of those, 1,591 have been recovered and 232 remain in isolation, according to figures from the National Institute of Health. In the Atlantic, 65 Health professionals have tested positive for the new coronavirus for reasons associated with the service. Likewise, in […]

The Premier allows contracts beyond June

The clubs of the Premier will be able to extend the contracts of the players that end on June 30, in order to end the season. “An agreement has been reached so that clubs and players can mutually extend contracts beyond June 30 until the end of the season,” the Premier said in a statement. […]

Bartlett’s son gets 7 contracts with the government for 162 mp: Loret de Mola

This Sunday, the columnist for EL UNIVERSAL, Carlos Loret de Mola, announced that the son of Manuel Bartlett“One of the most controversial officials of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador” has obtained at least seven contracts with the federal government, for a total of 162 million pesos. The journalist assures that the contract he recently acquired […]

Hurricane, on the warpath with its players, threatens to terminate contracts

Hurricane President Alejandro Nadur today accused the professional establishment of breaking the agreement on payment of back wages and warned that in order to protect the club’s assets, it does not rule out terminating contracts. In a letter to the squad, the president accused the players of breaking the payment agreement they had reached after […]

Espanyol players extend their contracts beyond June 30

Espanyol players who end their contracts on June 30 have agreed to extend them beyond that date, until the end of this season, if this resumes to play the eleven days of League that are still missing. The nine players who ended their contract on June 30 “have accepted the extension of the same until […]

The contracts to be solved for June in Lobo and Pincha

The global pandemic that we have today motivated many changes, which go beyond just quarantining, forcing different situations to be modified. In clubs, beyond the strictly economic, the losses and the rethinking of various issues is complex. As is known, June 30th marks the end of most footballers’ contracts, and it is usually expected to […]

What to do if the insured are in arrears with Corona

Frankfurt Canceled orders, worries about money, fear of existence: The corona crisis affects many people financially. The measures to curb the spread of Covid 19 are a turning point, especially for many self-employed and small entrepreneurs: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, shops, music schools, sports venues, restaurants, pubs and hairdressing shops have to close until […]