Mialy Rajoelina advocates girls’ education and women’s empowerment

Thousands of women, from 600 associations, from all the districts of the country, marched in the Barea de Madagascar stadium yesterday in Mahamasina, on the occasion of the celebration of the International Women’s Rights Day. « An educated girl, an autonomous woman, guarantor of sustainable development was the theme chosen for the event. In her […]

That’s it? with Maren Kroymann

Details Christa Nickels was a nurse and a Green Party politician, both of which she was passionate about. She was always one of the first and wanted to make a difference, whether as a young girl at school or in the eighties. She co-founded the party “Die Grünen” in North Rhine-Westphalia and belonged to the […]

Kylie Jenner: Her bikini is fueling the “Free the Nipple” discussion

Kylie Jenner is heating up a well-known discussion with her bikini top Kylie Jennermakeup mogul, mother and swimwear maker, has joined the Free the Nipple movement, a form of social media protest that peaked in 2014 and continues to spark legitimate debate. Let’s start from the beginning. Kylie Jenner posts a snap on Instagram showing […]

how to age well in a company?

It’s a taboo subject: in France, nearly one in two women does not work after 55 years. How do you age well in business, in a world that values ​​the energy of people in their thirties and forties? And where age is better valued when you’re a man. The figures are clear: according to a […]