First virus eater found on earth

24. September 2020 14:53 Robert Klatt For the first time, scientists have found single-cell organisms that use viruses specifically as food. Maine (U.S.A.). The host spectrum of viruses includes not only humans but also mammals, invertebrates, fungi and plants and even bacteria. Viruses populate almost all living things and regions on earth. The high adaptability […]

Tragedy in Turkey: As many as 60 migrants died, police detained suspects

Migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran were transported by a ship that sank on Saturday in Lake Van, in the east of the country. The cause was a strong storm. As many as 60 people who tried to get further into Europe most likely died. According to the AP agency, the search operation is already […]

Indonesia and the Netherlands agree to develop sustainable tourism in Lake Toba

Jakarta. The Dutch Competence Center for Entertainment, Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH) and the DEL Institute of Technology have agreed to contribute to the development of Lake Toba in North Sumatra in order to become a sustainable tourism destination. The agreement was reached during a series of seminars on sustainable tourism and water quality at Lake […]