Propaganda on fire prevention and fighting at Hoan Kiem Lake walking space

On Saturday morning, March 18, 2022, in the pedestrian zone of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, residents and visitors were directly propagated and disseminated by soldiers of the Fire and Rescue Police and Civil Service, disseminating legal knowledge on fire prevention and fighting. instructing basic skills when fire and explosion incidents occur and skills to use […]

Discovery of a water lake on Mars

NASA revealed new evidence of the existence of waters on Marsthrough a quick snapshot of its Curiosity spacecraft, showing “compelling evidence” of the existence of waters in the area of Mars It was previously thought of as a wasteland. The clearest evidence for the presence of water A new panorama from @MarsCuriosity provides some of […]

A horrific fall of the flying man in a lake • Al Marsad newspaper

Translation exclusive: Documented video clip, the horrific fall of Flying Man Frank Zapata, famous for traveling in a jet plane, from a height of 15 meters in a lake in France According to the newspaper “The Sun”, the flying man was taken to hospital after a horrific accident that saw his homemade invention drown in […]

Lake Toba Enters List of 10 Amazing Lakes on Earth

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Toba Lake in North Sumatra was chosen as the most amazing lake in the world by Media Australia. Lake Toba is formed from an ancient volcanic crater that has filled with water from time to time. This crater was created about 75,000 years ago, and the Toba eruption is believed to […]

Distance Panguitch → Lake Los Angeles

Distance from Panguitch to Lake Los Angeles by car The distance between Panguitch and Lake Los Angeles is 742 kilometers by road including 633 kilometers on freeways. The distance from Panguitch to Lake Los Angeles by car takes approximately 8 hours and 43 minutes. The distance between Panguitch and Lake Los Angeles is ranked 35,583 […]