Octavio Ocaña’s sister reveals unpublished photos of the actor as a child

The Octavio Ocaña’s sister reveals unpublished photos of the actor when he was a child he was chamberlain. Via Instagram, Bertha Ocana, one of Octavio Ocaña’s sisters, published a roll of photographs to remember the actor. In the images you can see Octavio Ocaña, with barely 10 years old, escorting his sisters on their birthday […]

Blood glucose level (for Children)

Blood glucose level The blood glucose level is the amount of glucose present in the blood. The body gets glucose, a type of sugar, from the food we eat. The bloodstream carries glucose to all cells in the body. Glucose is the fuel for the body’s cells and, similar to gasoline in a car, gives […]

Boy apologizes to Leo Messi for calling himself Cristiano

He is 11 years old, he is ashamed of his name. A small Argentine arrived at the Ezeiza campus, in Buenos Aires, where the Albiceleste team concentrates, to apologize to his idol Lionel Messi, for the name with which he was registered at his birth. “Messi, forgive my mother. I did not know what I […]

Congestion (for Children) – Rady Children’s Hospital

Congestion Do you need to blow your nose? Congestion occurs when the nose becomes stuffy and makes it difficult to breathe. In general, you are congested when you have a cold or allergy and your nose becomes clogged with mucus (the sticky substance that comes out of the nose). Being congested is not pleasant at […]

The “Pibe” dissatisfied with his selection

One of the authorized words to speak of the Colombian team is undoubtedly Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama. On his YouTube channel, the talented former midfielder of the coffee team gave his opinion as usual after the match that Colombia drew goalless in Montevideo against Uruguay for the South American qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022. For […]

6-year-old girl dies after being bitten by a snake while sitting on a toilet

Tamara was very excited to return to the classroom after the restrictions caused by the pandemic have ended. A simple trip to the bathroom turned into a tragedy in the city of Abha, Saudi Arabia, when a six-year-old girl died from being bitten by a snake while sitting on the toilet. The case happened last […]