A 5-year-old boy, the youngest fatality in the UK, totaling 4,313 dead

The United Kingdom lived yesterday one of its most painful days since the health crisis broke out due to the pathogen imported from China. A minor of 5 years and with previous pathologies died of Covid-19. It becomes the youngest victim of the disease in the country, which also recorded the highest number of daily […]

María Ángeles Muñoz: The banker who saves lives | Science

In 1992 María Ángeles Muñoz was in the middle of the perfect storm. A little-known virus was wreaking havoc in Madrid and other Spanish cities. Deaths increased every year without doctors doing much to prevent it. In 1995 almost 6,000 people died across the country. This doctor and biologist from Madrid remembers seeing children dying […]

New cases confirmed in Las Lajas and a child tests positive in the Capital

The new cases are a 48-year-old woman and an 11-year-old teenager from the Neuquén capital, both close contacts of a confirmed case. These positive cases are added to other records in Neuquén capital: they are eight men and three women, all between the ages of 29 and 64. The first case, both in the city […]

How to help children manage self-control | Moms and Dads

Self-control is one of the pending subjects for many adults, so it is not surprising that it is also for children. It is important to know that this valuable skill depends on the prefrontal cortex, the last brain area to develop. It also entails the ability to regulate emotions, thinking and behavior according to the […]

Russia reinforces its commitment to tourism with an electronic visa | International

When talking about the Soviet legacy in present-day Russia, secrecy, the desire for strong leaders or the desire to restore the country’s global importance are often mentioned. Less attention arouses a cumbersome and obsolete system of tourist visas that has put sticks on the wheels of this source of income. Now, in a context of […]

Regulatory loophole for Ecuadorian tuna | Economy

Ecuador is one of the younger brothers in Latin America in population, with 17.5 million inhabitants; in surface, with 256,700 square kilometers; or in GDP per capita, with 6,344 dollars (5,838 euros). But at the same time it is a giant of world reference in the tuna sector that competes from you to you with […]