Tested: The best MacBook to get is not the recent laptop with M2 chip | Tech

14 jul 2022 om 05:30 | Update: 2 dagen geleden MacBooks are popular, but expensive, so it’s not always wise to buy the latest model. We list the best recommendations of the moment. By: Editors Best Tested This is an abbreviated version of an extensive comparison on BestGetest. Best tested: MacBook Air 2020 M1 The […]

The cheapest possible laptop? Then you submit on these points | NOW

For example, if things are going down financially, or if you don’t want to put that much money into a device on principle, you can also buy a laptop for a maximum of 300 euros. But do expect to give up on a few points. We list what you can count on with a budget […]

These are the best midrange laptops | NOW

You want a laptop for work at home or school and you want the device to be fast, but you don’t have to run heavy programs such as video editors or games on it. Which device is the best to buy? Together with the editors of BestGetest and Tweakers, NU.nl went looking for the answer […]

WhatsApp Beta UWP Gets Two Useful New Features On Windows 11 Skills Point |

WhatsApp Beta UWP gets two useful new features on Windows 11 Last year, Facebook introduced the Desktop application WhatsApp beta UWP on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Along with a new look, WhatsApp beta UWP comes with a range of exciting new features. A new update for the beta is now available in the Microsoft […]

Cdiscount: shock reduction of €599 on the MSI Katana GF66 11UG-090XFR gaming laptop

Gaming laptops combine mobility and performance, to run the latest games, suitable hardware is necessary. This type of laptop is chosen mainly according to its components and its performance. The MSI Katana GF66 11UG-090XFR gaming laptop is currently available at €1199.99, a saving of €599. A powerful and lightweight gaming laptop This gaming laptop has […]

Cdiscount sales: €200 savings on the HP VICTUS 16-d0206nf gaming laptop!

Do you need a powerful laptop for playing video games or creating content? The best players have suitable computer equipment for the game, if you want to have a chance to compete with them investing in a good computer is necessary. The HP VICTUS 16-d0206nf gaming laptop is displayed on sale during the sales at […]

The HP OMEN 15-en1003sf Gaming Laptop at a great price on Amazon

Want to run recent games on your laptop? Choose well, the configuration of your computer so that it is powerful enough according to your use. The performance of a gaming PC is superior compared to a conventional computer. You should like this good plan, the HP OMEN 15-en1003sf gaming laptop PC at € 1199 goes […]

The HP 14S-DQ2027NF Laptop Pack at an unbeatable price on Darty

Having a computer adapted to our needs is essential for it to be comfortable in use and to be more productive. Choose a PC according to your use and taking advantage of a promotion is even better! The HP 14S-DQ2027NF Laptop Pack priced at € 649.99 drops to € 449.99 on Darty, it includes all […]