10 years B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, University of Design Offenbach am Main, press release

From October 15th, the B3 Biennale of the Moving Image will start in various locations in Frankfurt with the main theme »Transformation«. In verbal contributions, artworks, films, VR experiences and NFTs, media professionals and artists show in very different ways what transformation means to them: scientifically, technologically, politically, culturally, philosophically and very personally. program onlineThe […]

Firmino: ‘I’m grateful to the boss for everything’ – Liverpool FC

The Brazilian Reds striker on working with Jurgen Klopp and having a rocky start to the current season. Roberto Firmino joined Liverpool in the summer of 2015 from Hoffenheim, and a few months later Jurgen Klopp, who was out of a job after leaving Borussia Dortmund, took over. The Reds boss has never been stingy […]

OM-Rennes: the group with a big comeback

Here is the group selected by Igor Tudor to face Rennes this afternoon. Bamba Dieng is making a comeback. The Croatian coach revealed his group for the reception of Stade Rennais at 3 p.m. This is the big comeback of Bamba Dieng. The OM group Guardians : Lopez, Blanco, Ngapandouetnbu Defenders : Balerdi, […]

easyJet proposes a new destination between Bordeaux and Copenhagen – Aviation news

Article published on September 17, 2022 by David Dagouret Copenhagen will be served by easyJet from Bordeaux for the 2022-23 winter season (November 2022 – March 2023). easyJet will offer a new service between Bordeaux and Copenhagen in Denmark. This new line will be served by the orange company for the 2022-2023 winter season with […]

Necessary features for Alexa voice control with Spotify, general

Donsiox (post #2) wrote: The Nupros have an auto on / off function that does not need to be switched on permanently.They wake up as soon as you tell the Dot to play music and fall asleep again after 15 minutes without a signal… Works great, I did that when I still had Nupros / […]

Tudor gives news of the wounded

In a press conference, the OM coach gave an update on his strengths, particularly with regard to defence. In front of the journalists, Igor Tudor confirmed the absence of Eric Bailly for the reception of Rennes tomorrow (3:00 p.m.). He did not, however, give a definitive answer concerning Samuel Gigot: “Bailly will not be available. […]

Spotify is getting a makeover, but what happened to the high-quality audio?

Upcoming news for Spotify users. In fact, the company has been working on a new design for its Home to create separate streams for music and podcasts. “The Home is a one-stop-shop for finding new recommendations and revisiting recent favorites – read in a note – and with the next Home update, users will be […]

Most beautiful live concert registrations on youtube | Television (TV)

TS starts Cuba! Starring Simply Red – Recorded Live at El Gran Teatro, Havana Here in concert at the Gran Teatro, whether alone in the spotlight or sharing the stage in carnival fashion with the native Cuban players and classically-trained but newly-liberated dancers, Mick Hucknall and Simply Red deliver an inarguable truth: they are one […]

moOde Audio 8.0.2 spotify connect is mute, CD/SACD players & other digital sources

Hello folks,I need your help and have 3 questions. it is about moOde 8.0.2 1) yesterday, suddenly, spotify connect stopped working. moOde shows the spotify screen, spotify app has moOde as playback device, track is running but there is no sound. (Renderer/app restarts and reboots don’t help so far. Everything else works.) Does anyone have […]