Police Officer Caught Imitating Dog Barking – Suspects Arise

You are being tricked! Police officer imitates dog barking – suspects arise Caught in action Police break up gang of robbers in Mallorca No improvement in sight Greece sinks in the rain Travelers flee in panic Mad elephant attacks bus Shock at US party Pier suddenly collapses – 20 injured intention or accident? Policewoman pours […]

Focus on ocean issues

The 8th Meeting of Senior Officials of Archipelago and Island States (AIS) has been held since yesterday at the Novotel Ivandry. An event bringing together senior officials, ambassadors and representatives of regional organizations of the archipelagos and islands members of the AIS Forum of which Madagascar is part with 51 archipelagic nations. The discussion yesterday […]

Living near the sea is good for your health, it’s scientifically proven!

Anthony Kaczmarek 31/05/2023 05:00 4 min Living near the coast (like here in Bray-Dunes, in the North) or going there for a walk can have very important (and beneficial) effects on physical and mental health, according to this study. Pour live happily, live in sea ​​side ! In any case, to have better health: it […]

11th Indian Ocean Island Games anthem and logo unveiled

The Island Games are launched. It is in these terms that the President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, officially presented the logo and the anthem of the 11th edition of this sporting event in the Indian Ocean zone which will be held in just over three months in Madagascar. The presentation ceremony of the identities […]

Alarming Increase in Ocean Temperatures Raises Concerns About Global Warming

Science is alarmed: the world’s oceans have suddenly heated up to an unusual extent in the past few weeks. The values ​​are well above the record levels. Researchers are now trying to find out what this means and whether the development indicates an increase in global warming. Some attribute the higher sea temperatures to a […]

“Ocean Census: Discovering 100,000 New Marine Species to Combat Extinction”

Ocean Census, a global alliance of scientists and explorers, has set itself the goal of finding at least 100,000 new marine species within 10 years. A global alliance of scientists and explorers has started a race against time. She has set herself the goal of finding at least 100,000 new marine species, before overfishing and […]