The Government insists that the IACHR report lacks objectivity

Cecilia Chacón, Secretary of Human Rights, said that the decision to send a letter to the IACHR cannot be read as an ultimatum to the indigenous leadership. Photo: Twitter of the Secretariat for Human Rights. Sandra Cruz / Quito The Presidency of the Republic, the Chancellery and the Office of the Attorney General of the […]

Point Nemo: the most remote point of the planet from land

There is a conditional point in the South Pacific, the most remote from any land area. The closest inhabited «terrain “- the International Space Station lying at a distance of 400 km. The most famous poles are geographical: North and South – the places where the meridians converge. But geographers recognize other points as poles. […]

it’s 20 to 25 degrees above normal

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 2:40 p.m. This is not normal: on July 1, it is 34 degrees by the Arctic Ocean, in Russia. The ice has melted and the water is exceptionally hot. Scottish meteorologist Scott Duncan tweeted this alarming news. It is a real heat wave period that we are currently […]

The importance of the ocean explained to children

The ocean is essential: we tell you why, and we also explain what threats are hanging over it. Good of humanity : The ocean allows us to breathe. It feeds us. It is a common good of humanity. It is up to all of us to preserve it. This requires better knowledge of its functioning, […]

Beaches in Solana Beach, Del Mar and Carlsbad reopen for exercise – Telemundo 52

SAN DIEGO- The northern coastal towns of the county reopened with restrictions on Monday: Solana Beach, Del Mar, Torrey Pines and Carlsbad. Running, walking, surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding will be allowed on the beach. Gatherings on the beach or parking lots are still prohibited, as well as lying down to sunbathe or watch the waves. […]

A Forest hidden under the ocean could revolutionize medicine

Part of the strange prehistoric landscape / Francis Choi There is a hidden forest under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Nature kept it out of sight for over 60,000 years until Hurricane Ivan revealed it to the world in 2004. Biologists have only just begun to study the animals that live in it […]