The JOMA OCEAN JR 2110 FUCHSIA PINK charm is a casual charm for babies, perfect for daily use during times of high temperatures. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: synthetic manufacturing very light which gives it great comfort. closures of velcro width adjustable at the top leadon the rearas well as at the height of the ankle. Striking pink. […]

What is Amasia, the supercontinent that could form when the Pacific Ocean

In a study published on September 28, 2022 in the scientific journal The National Science Review a team of researchers from Curtin University in Australia and Beijing University in China has revealed what the Earth will look like in 300 million years. Forget, Europe, Asia, the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, the surface of the […]

Unique footage of predators: Killer whales caught a great white shark

They will swallow deer and alligator. A new study has revealed the mystery of the Burmese python’s jaws “Such behavior has never been observed in detail before, certainly not from the air,” said marine scientist Alison Towner of Rhodes University in South Africa. Blood hunter In Mossel Bay, South Africa, a drifting drone captured the […]

An ocean in the heart of the earth? – Education & Knowledge

found water at great depths. The transition zone between the upper and lower mantle contains significant amounts of water. This means that the water cycle of our planet also includes the interior of the earth. This was the result of an international study in which the Institute for Geosciences at the Goethe University in Frankfurt […]

From the Depths: Fisherman Finds Bizarre Dead Creature with Bulging Eyes

A fisherman has found a bizarre creature in the depths of the sea in Australia. The man shared on Facebook the image of the fish, which has bulging eyes and a large, protruding mouth. The photo left netizens curious about the creature. Trapman Bermagui found the animal 650 m below the surface. […]

Horseshoe crabs: Lovable living fossils protected in Delaware

They always come to the Delaware coast in the US in June to spawn when the tide is in. Horseshoe crabs are critical to the safety of human vaccines because their blood contains cells that the biomedical industry uses to test vaccines – including the Covid-19 vaccine – to ensure they are not contaminated with […]