This is how the arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi took place

Al-Atiri: When he was arrested, he asked me to shoot him in the head When the war broke out in Libya, and led to the fall of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his death, Al-Ajami Al-Atiri was holding the position of battalion commander in the militia of the city of Zintan, located southwest […]

“A Vietnamese Corner” at Level 2 Field Hospital No. 4

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Dô Thi Hang Nga, deputy military director of the hospital, Emmanuel Anaman was treated at the hospital. During his stay in the hospital, he conveyed his affection to Vietnamese doctors and nurses through paintings of landscapes of his native country, drawn by his own hand. Emmanuel Anaman transmitted his affection to Vietnamese […]

the heat wave makes the ascent of Mont Blanc more dangerous than ever

Throughout the Alps, many guides refuse to venture into the big climbs because of the conditions that have become too perilous. Gaping crevices, falling rocks like fridges “. In this year marked by drought and heat waves, access to many emblematic peaks of the Alps, such as Mont Cervin and Mont Blanc, is becoming particularly […]

New Manager of Tourist Information at Winterthur train station

Gabriela Neuhaus has been in charge of the tourist information at Winterthur train station since the beginning of July. The Winterthur native by choice succeeds Maurizia Bänteli, who managed the Tourist Information for eight years. Gabriela Neuhaus worked as a travel consultant for Globetrotter Service AG for more than 15 years. Before that, she worked […]

The holiday season begins: there is a risk of traffic jams on these routes

The holiday season begins: there is a risk of traffic jams on these routes In North Rhine-Westphalia the summer holidays start at the weekend. Therefore, the ACE expects a lot of travel, especially in the Rhine-Ruhr area. Photo: dpa With North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous federal state starts the holidays. This brings a lot of […]

Which corona rules currently apply in Spain, Turkey & Co.?

Istanbul, Athens, Paris, Madrid, Rome The summer wave is rolling – and not just with regard to holiday travel: Omikron BA.5 is catching on in Europe. Since the end of June, the sub-variant of the corona virus has been prevalent in many countries, including Germany. According to doctors and virologists, the course of the disease […]

The Saudi index returns to decline amid the decline of 3 major sectors

The main Saudi stock index ended the first session of the week in the red zone, and closed down 12.83 points, or 0.1 percent, to close at 11,975.14 points, with transactions worth 5.1 billion riyals ($1.36 billion), and the volume of traded shares reached 152 million shares, shared by more than 310 Thousands of transactions, […]

The story of the 95 million euros that the Gaddafi family insists on recovering

The Libyan authorities are trying to get her back from Malta… and the Colonel’s widow is moving judicially to get her back The executive authority in Libya has been seeking for years with its Maltese counterpart to recover funds held by the Bank of Valletta since the outbreak of the “February 17 Revolution,” but the […]

A British woman finds a hidden rock pool in the Neom desert in Saudi Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Amidst the unique rock formations of the Hasma desert, which was formed over millions of years, a rocky pool of water hides that may have been a watering station for caravans throughout the civilizations in Saudi Arabia thousands of years ago. And the blogger of travel experiences in the […]