Doctors call warning signs of vitamin D deficiency

Moscow, Aug 29, 2020 /LIVE24/. Doctors say that it is not uncommon for signs of vitamin D deficiency to be confused with something less serious. Thus, this substance helps to maintain the health of teeth, muscles and bones. With its lack, a person develops increased fatigue and constant fatigue. Additionally, vitamin D deficiency can manifest […]

The Acapulco chair, the popular Mexican furniture that came to design museums

The Acapulco chair is so ingrained among the Mexican population that it is almost part of the landscape. Your design has no owner and is not registered. This oval chair, with a blacksmith frame and woven with plastic threads that allow you to recline comfortably and freshly, is associated with the golden years of the […]

Please not. Most people in Tokyo do not want the 2021 Olympics

The people of Tokyo are not very inclined to have their city host the postponed Olympic Games next year. In the weekend survey, 51.7 percent of respondents were in favor of canceling or further postponing the giant sports event. By contrast, 46.3 percent of respondents would like to see the Olympics in an alternative date […]

More than 10 million people infected by coronavirus in the world and 500,000 dead | Chronicle

The coronavirus (orthocoronavirinae) continued unabated this Sunday with outbreaks in China and Japan and new records in Russia, while the global account kept by the American Johns Hopskins University (JHU) indicates that 10 million infections have been exceeded and that deaths passed half a million. The World Health Organization (WHO), which usually reports more conservative […]

For Czech bikers, the fight for the Olympic Games in Tokyo begins anew

Biker Ondřej Cink during a 351.55 kilometer training ride. photo archive of Ondřej Cink “With regard to the current state of the UCI calendar and the UCI Olympic qualification plan, I am canceling all existing provisions, nomination preferences and nominations for the Tokyo Olympics,” Zapletala was quoted as saying by the server. The reigning […]