Russia celebrates Museum Night online due to coronavirus pandemic

Rafael M. MañuecoFOLLOW Moscow correspondent Updated:05/17/2020 17:30 save Since yesterday Saturday afternoon, throughout the night and today Sunday the «in RussiaMuseum night», But it is taking place online because its rooms have been closed since March due to the confinement decreed to face COVID-19. To overcome this limitation, Russian museums have programmed activities that are […]

“The Night Watch”, by Rembrandt, like you’ve never seen it before

Polished NativityFOLLOW Updated:05/14/2020 14: 02h save The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum publishes on its website ( the largest and most detailed photograph of the treasure in his collection, “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt. The high resolution of the image is such that it allows to appreciate the brush strokes of the master and even pigment particles in […]

The last “supermoon” of the year arrives: how and when to see it – Night Shift

The last “supermoon” of this year will take place on the evening of this Thursday; However, since Wednesday night you can already see the satellite with more brightness than usual. It is also called “The Flower Moon”, because the satellite will look “larger” because it will be orbiting at the point closest to Earth. For […]

The so-called ‘Walpurgis Night’ changes the serious disturbances for tranquility

Germany The ‘Walpurgis Night’, unusually quiet BY JUAN CARLOS BARRENA The so-called ‘Walpurgis Night’, which in the hours leading up to the May Day celebrations usually leads to serious riots between law enforcement and left-wing protesters in the Berlin neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, this time had an unusually unfolding quiet. More than a thousand […]

Hitler’s last night

The Nazi dictatorAdolf Hitlerand his wife,Eva Braun,committed suicide on April 30, 1945 in a Berlin bunker, beset by Soviet forces amid the ashes of the empire that “was to last 1,000 years.” They had been married less than 40 hours. Hitler had turned 56 ten days earlier. After hosting a kind of impromptu wedding breakfast […]

La Polica vacates the Plaza del Sol in Oviedo at night by the bottle

The stucco carnival night marked in Oviedo by a strong police presence. The agentsthey evicted a few minutes after midnight Plaza del Solwhere at that time hundreds of young people had gathered. Four police vehicles and about a dozen agents stormed the Sun from the Town Hall squareto the surprise of those who were there. […]