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Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID-19? Vitamin D deficiency seems to increase the risk of developing COVID-19. This finding could have far-reaching implications, because many people are deficient in vitamin D and dietary supplements containing vitamin D could potentially have a protective effect. How does vitamin D deficiency affect the risk of COVID-19? (Image: […]

The body lacks vitamin D, this is what will happen

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Vitamin D very important in maintaining the immune system. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic like now. In addition, there are many other health benefits of vitamin D that we may not really pay attention to in our daily lives. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that they are deficient in vitamin D, […]

Vitamin D deficiency has the potential to cause diabetes

JAKARTA, – Even though they live in a land with abundant sunshine, many Indonesians suffer from vitamin D deficiency. In fact, sunbathing for 30 minutes in the morning sun, starting at 7-10 am, can meet 90% of daily vitamin D needs. “Sunbathing and letting the sun hit the skin directly, can meet 90% of […]

Scientists Prove Depression Cannot Be Prevented With Vitamin D3 | Science | Society

Scientists in the United States have found that long-term vitamin D3 supplementation is not able to prevent depression, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Network Open) reported. In an experiment that lasted over five years with a total of 18,353 men and women over 50 years old, half of the patients received vitamin […]

Vitamin D does not protect against depression

Vitamin D can lower the risk of depression in women and men – this is the popular belief. A new study now refutes this statement. Several observational studies show that people with a vitamin D deficiency also have an increased risk of depression. A new, long-term clinical study, in which the participants were not only […]

Diabetics need vitamin D. For this reason

A new study revealed that people in the “pre-diabetic” stage or pre-diabetic who take vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as previous research has indicated that vitamin D can positively affect blood sugar levels And inflammation and insulin production. Missed opportunity “Health line“It can be difficult to get enough […]

An overdose can have these consequences

Vitamin D is important for the bones and a deficiency is by no means good. However, an overdose of the so-called sun hormone can have serious consequences. What you should keep in mind when taking supposedly harmless vitamin D supplements. Gives Vitamin D among other things, strengthens the bones, a deficiency can osteoporosis to lead. […]

These foods strengthen the bones

“Drink milk so that you get strong bones,” is a well-known nutritional saying. It has long been proven that not only a calcium-rich diet, but also other factors influence the bone density and thus protect against osteoporosis. We say what makes the bones strong and which foods help. Porous bones: osteoporosis (Bone loss) is a […]