You can safely freeze these vegetables, they will still be rich in vitamins

As winter approaches, more and more people are thinking about how they can save seasonal vegetables and fruits for the winter in a way that preserves their vitamin content. There are countless legends and customs about preservation. Some swear by canning, others by pressing. But what about frozen preservation? The refrigerator in today’s sense was […]

It became known who vitamin D will help to survive cancer

Scientists at Boston University (BU) have found that vitamin D supplementation improves survival in gastrointestinal cancers. Day.Az reports with reference to that the study was published in JAMA Network Open. The p53 protein prevents normal cells from becoming cancerous. But the tumor can “capture” it and cause it to mutate. This leads to increased […]

Vitamin Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Vitamins are vital for the human body. However, an unbalanced diet can lead to a vitamin deficiency. All information at a glance. Vitamins are vital. Among other things, they are responsible for the normal functioning of the immune system and organs, are involved in metabolic processes and are necessary for the human body to […]

You eat little of it, but it is a real treasure for your body

If you’ve ever made pickles at home from leftover vegetables, you know how good it can be to take them out later with a jar and eat the fruits of your labor. Many people prefer the store versions, or even those. While you often have to be more careful with the former than if you […]

Elderly person died after vitamin D overdose: drug agency warns

“This person had taken a high-dose vitamin D capsule daily for two months, while monthly administration was prescribed,” says the FAMHP. The patient became apathetic over time. A blood test after death confirmed an overdose of vitamin D. Apart from his advanced age, the person had no other risk factors. Because vitamin D capsules are […]

Scientist warns: Vitamin therapies do more harm than good

A famous doctor warned that recent favorite IV vitamin therapy could be dangerous. Release: 10:41 – 09 November 2022 Updated: 11:59 – 09 November 2022 Celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen posting photos of IV vitamin therapy on social media cause an increase in their popularity, while the price can reach […]

Expert brings the impact of vitamin B on our brain

According to many experts, food is something that can contribute to keeping the brain healthy, however it is necessary to have a diet rich in vitamins and the main one is vitamin B. According to Uma Naidoo Nutritional Psychiatrist from the School of Medicine from Harvard University, all have some element that collaborate and act […]