TikTok evaluates the move of the London office – Tlc

With the sword of Damocles of the likely US ban, TikTok evaluates the move of its headquarters to London or other western cities. According to the Reuters website, the Chinese company has been in contact with the British government for months as part of a strategy to distance itself from its Chinese ownership. London, according […]

Will there be a curfew on Eid al-Adha? Eid al-Adha countdown has begun!

Many people are planning a holiday before the Eid al-Adha, but are wondering if a possible curfew will come. Ministry of Health Science Board Member Assoc. Dr. Sema Turan said that the curfew restriction is not currently on the agenda of the Scientific Committee on Eid al-Adha. Assoc. Dr. Turan said, “However, after the curfew […]

4, Is there a curfew for July 5? Will there be a curfew on the weekend?

Curfew recently started to come up again recently, after the increasing number of corona viruses. However, after the scientific committee meeting, which was decisive in making the decision, no information regarding the curfew was given, so the curfew will not be applied this week. IS THERE A PROHIBITION TO REMOVE THE WEEKEND? After seeing that […]

Is there a curfew on the weekend? Has the curfew been declared for July 4, 5?

The curfew, which was re-announced with the exams held in the last two weeks, was also the subject of curiosity for citizens this weekend. Following the recommendations to be given by the scientific committee, it was expected to discuss whether there would be a curfew on 4 July and 5 July. However, no information on […]

Responding to the ban on tobacco ban tobacco

It was forbidden to sell tobacco on cigarette papers and then to pack them. Filling and selling tobacco paper and macaron tobacco was banned as of July 1. Tobacco sellers and consumers in Elazig reacted to the ban order. Tobacco seller Oğuz Albayrak “WE ARE SELLING OUR COUNTRY, NOT THE TOBACCO OF THE OTHER COUNTRY” […]

Dr. Disrespect is banned from Twitch for life

For a long time, given his status on the platform, it seemed that Dr. Disrespect was untouchable on Twitch, even when he kept pushing the edge of his terms and good manners. But now it seems that his pranks caught up with him. Yesterday, Guy Beahm’s channel, as he really is called, suddenly went black […]