Angelina worries about her delicate state of health

Angelina Jolie decided to stop eating more than a month ago and was life threatening. Her doctors have warned her that this bad decision could cause severe damage to her body. The North American magazine NW reported that the actress “would be going through one of her worst moments of health since she refuses to […]

Comment: Dear CEOs, please appear!

Let’s be honest: Who knew Christian Drosten, Alexander Kekulé or Hendrik Streeck a few weeks ago? Sure, all three are well-known virologists and have appeared in public before. Until the beginning of the year, their names were more familiar to a smaller group of experts. Then the corona virus broke out – and Germany drove […]

Guangzhou, Beijing and Harbin become hotbeds of concern for China

The district Beijing Chaoyang it’s considered high-risk’ in the mobile application that China has developed to control the spread of the coronavirus. It is not just any neighborhood: it is one of the largest and most populated in the Asian giant’s capital and the one that houses the embassies of most countries, including Spain. This […]

Timati on the Aladdin. Shishkova after quarantine emigrates to Turkey to her lover

The daughter will remain the care of Timati Simone’s mother, for the rest – only “Russia Goodbye!” Over the past couple of years since breaking up with rapper Timati, his former Alena Shishkova has been credited with all possible novels in the world. And with Pavel Durov, and with colleagues of the ex-groom on the […]

Circle of influence: a tool to reduce our worries | Happiness Lab Blog

The coronavirus has awakened a tsunami of concern. We are concerned about how it can affect us or our loved ones; we are shocked to read the death toll and we don’t know when this nightmare will end. We live in a world of present and future concerns. But there is an alternative. We have […]