VSMPO-Avisma will be headed by a new leader from Evraz :: Business :: RBC

As for Stepanov, he has experience in anti-crisis work. In particular, he worked at Evraz during the period of low coal prices and the moment when the company was struggling with the consequences of the accident at the Raspadskaya mine in 2010. According to Kommersant’s sources, Stepanov will be given the task not only to […]

Corona expert with a shocking statement – “Gives weeks …” –

Markus Lanz: Corona expert with a shocking statement – “There are weeks …” on 07/02/2020 at 07:59 a.m. Hendrik Streeck was a guest with Markus Lanz. Foto: Screenshot ZDF The Wednesday evening at Markus Lanz was very special in one respect. Karl Lauterbach and virologist Hendrik Streeck were two absolute corona virus experts on ZDF. This […]

You are a racist yourself, President Zeman said of the US protesters

In recent weeks, the United States has figuratively split into two colors – black and white. According to President Miloš Zeman, people protesting against racial violence have become racists themselves. The “slogan” depends on black lives “is a racist slogan, because it depends on all human lives,” said Miloš Zeman. “It really evokes the lives […]

how the actress lives after discharge from the cancer center

The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk recently paid a lot of attention to the blog. Anna publishes photos and videos, philosophizing and talking about how her days go. She doesn’t talk about mom. But more and more often shows the luxurious house in which the star of the series “My Fair Nanny” lives after discharge […]

Belarusian CEC cut Lukashenko’s opposition to five people :: Politics :: RBC

Three more politicians also collected enough signatures: ex-deputy Anna Kanopatskaya, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Gramada Sergey Cherechen and co-chairman of the Tell the Truth public association Andrei Dmitriev. At Kanopatskaya and Chereshnya, the CEC assured signatures of several tens of thousands more than, as they announced earlier, it was handed over. The […]

One of the pioneers of the US oil shale industry declared bankruptcy :: Business :: RBC

Chesapeake Energy shale oil producer owes $ 7 billion. Bloomberg said earlier that control of the company could go to one of the lenders. Chesapeake Energy, considered one of the pioneers in the US oil shale industry, has filed for bankruptcy, according to the corporation’s website. “The company has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 defense […]

Trump said about “outplaying” Obama Russia :: Politics :: RBC

According to Biden, Trump had information about “Russian rewards to the Taliban,” but he still invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to come to the United States to attend the G7 summit. Trump not only failed to impose sanctions against Russia “for this flagrant violation of international law”, but also continued the “campaign of worship and […]

Lukashenko named Russia’s only ally :: Politics :: RBC

The Belarusian president believes that Minsk remains the last ally of Moscow, and Russia “cannot imagine in a nightmare” that it will lose it, because Russian domestic politics will suffer because of this Alexander Lukashenko with his son Nikolai (Photo: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti) Moscow does not want to lose Minsk either economically or […]

Covid-19 in the United States Gloomy, the whole world will be horrified

Bill Gates. Foto: wikipedia GenPI.co – Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates, made a statement that horrified the whole world. In an interview with CNN International, Bill Gates said that Covid-19 in America was very bleak. He believes the world will suffer even more. “Contact behavior and tracking in America is not functioning properly. The graph has […]

Trump, ‘a great day for Floyd’ – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, JUN 6 – “A great day for George Floyd”: the said Donald Trump commenting on the surprising data on the Us occupation and unleashing a tide of new controversy. “George is watching us from Heaven and she is praising the american economy,” said the president. Statements “reprehensible, offensive, and anger”, the comments […]