what is changing this year

The withholding of income tax did not remove the annual return from the return. Each spring, taxpayers must in fact send to the administration the summary of their income from the past year and of the expenses giving rise to a tax reduction (home employment, donations, etc.) Offset deadlines The 2020 campaign, however, opens under […]

the tax return rejected by the virus

The traditional tax reporting campaign is not immune to the effects of Covid-19. GĂ©rald Darmanin confirmed on Tuesday March 31 on TF1 that the calendar would be delayed by ten days. A measure intended to give taxpayers a little more time and above all to avoid a sudden influx of solicitations to the tax administration […]

Events in Black Life in Schools Boston

The Black Lives Matter initiative in Boston Public Schools gave an angry response from the city’s police union leader, but the teachers’ union stands firmly with the support of the mayor’s office and others. Michael Leary, President of the Boston Police Patrol Society, launched a letter on Monday Boston Teachers Union Monday asking the group […]